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Young Men’s Lesson on Rape Culture

by heather
Here's the lesson I prepared for the Young Men. It has a lot of overlap with the lesson that I gave to the Young Women. I gave it to them today, and I have to say talking to a group of adolescent boys about sexual assault is kind of intimidating. What I said didn't come out as smoothly as I what I wrote, but I hope they listened enough that really understood the take-home message that they need to be kind to one another. I'm going to start my lesson today with a mini history lesson. I know that Read more [...]

Young Women’s Lesson on Rape Culture

by heather
With various events in the news in recent months I really felt strongly that my Young Women need to hear and understand about rape and rape culture. I am also aware that it is a sensitive subject, so I talked to the YW's president and the Bishop about it and it was eventually decided that I should talk to all of the YW in my ward, not just my class. It was going to be a fireside, but with scheduling it turned into a 5th Sunday lesson. Here's more or less what I said. I hope that by sharing it, that Read more [...]

Just Be Nice: Thoughts on Gays and Mormonism

by heather
I teach Young Women. I love it. I love my girls and I sincerely hope that the things I say to them will help them to become happy, productive, loving and thinking women. Our lesson this past Sunday was a review of General Conference, with each of the girl's bringing in a quote or talk that they enjoyed to share. They had each noticed different things during the sessions, and I felt like everything was constructive. Then the other leader brought in a talk from Elder Perry, which wasn't bad in it Read more [...]

Help for Teen Suicide

by heather
Yesterday I took care of an adolescent patient who had failed in a suicide attempt. As a pediatric nurse I have done this before. They come to our unit to be medically stabilized and then are transferred to the psych unit as soon as a bed is available. This is a part of my job. What is alarming to me is that I only work two shifts a month and I have had 5 patients like this in the past 6 weeks. (I work in a small town hospital.) When I was working full-time I used to see one, maybe two in a year. Why Read more [...]

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