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Mormon Journey Part 10: Liberated

by heather
If you guys have read all the way through parts 1 through 9, you deserve a gold star for hanging in there. If you're local and you've read through the whole thing and you want a prize, I'll give you some of my food storage. So like many committed Mormons, learning this information was painful. I thought that if I just kept researching I would find information to help me keep my faith. I prayed and researched and waited for General Conference (April 2013). Like a good Mormon girl I brought my questions Read more [...]

What I’ve Been Up To: June

by heather
What I've Been Up to: We've had a couple false starts, but we are potty-training for reals right now. We took the doors off in our house and repainted them. It was a pain, but it really looks nicer. Then we patched and painted every nail hole in our house. I'm not sure why the previous owners put around a hundred nail holes throughout the house, but we finally got around to fixing them all. And our basement is almost finished! Had a yard sale, hooray for scaling down on stuff to move. Spent Read more [...]

What I’ve Been Up To: May 2014

by heather
I finished the semester (did well) and the kids finished the school year. May is always very busy. It's started getting warm here so we've been hitting the swimming pool and the splash park regularly. I cleaned my house like it was my new religion. It's now up on the market. If someone is inclined to buy it, that would be awesome. Or if you know someone who is looking for a 7 bedroom house in a nice neighborhood in St George, send them my way. We left the kids with Grandma and Grandpa for Read more [...]

What I’ve Been Up To: February 2013

by heather
What I've Been Up To: I've been busy with homework. Full-time coursework + kids is pretty time consuming. I applied to graduate school. Hopefully get in this time. However if I don't I'll be ok. I have friends here. Moving is a pain. I have projects I am involved in. I can go to a different program, however this one is the one that I really want, so if I got in that would be awesome. I made this Roasted Tomato Soup from Thug Kitchen. It's delicious and has more vegetables than your traditional Read more [...]

Mormon Journey Part 8: Conversations, Young Womens and Rape Culture

by heather
At this point I was in a tail-spin, something that I think many who have lost their faith can identify with.  For those who are reading who still may be believers, I want you to know that it is a myth that the modern ex-Mormon left 'because they wanted to sin or they were offended'. I cried. I prayed. I fasted. I hardly slept. I read my scriptures and the Ensign like my life depended on it and cried some more. And I listened to dozens and dozens of pod casts. Everywhere I looked the things that Read more [...]

Book Review: Ketchup is a Vegetable: And Other Lies Moms Tell Themselves

by heather
I think most mothers can identify with the title of this book, because parenting is hard and just because you want what is best for your kids (like have them eat their vegetables), it doesn't mean that they're going to cooperate. And sometimes the results are hilarious. In Ketchup Is a Vegetable: And Other Lies Moms Tell Themselves, Robin O'Bryant shares some of these hilarious moments she has experienced with her three adorable and patience-trying daughters. She shares her concerns and her love Read more [...]

Book Review: And They Were Not Ashamed

by heather
This is not really my area of expertise and I generally don't review books that I dislike so much that I can't bring myself to finish them, but I have had several friends request that I review this book on my blog. So here we go... When I decided that I wanted to talk about rape culture to my Young Women, my bishop recommended that I read And They Were Not Ashamed: Strengthening Marriage through Sexual Fulfillment by Laura Brotherson. Ok, so I ordered it and started reading. No where in the Read more [...]

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