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Experience about Research and Infant Reflux

by heather
Yesterday I attended a poster presentation event where multiple professors from the College of Nursing shared their research findings. One of the studies (which is still in the works) was on infants with acid reflux (GERD), the mental health of their mothers and the effects of infant massage to ease their discomfort. The study found that mothers of infants with reflux are more prone to postpartum depression and less likely to effectively bond with infants, which causes the mothers a great deal of Read more [...]

Book Review: Ketchup is a Vegetable: And Other Lies Moms Tell Themselves

by heather
I think most mothers can identify with the title of this book, because parenting is hard and just because you want what is best for your kids (like have them eat their vegetables), it doesn't mean that they're going to cooperate. And sometimes the results are hilarious. In Ketchup Is a Vegetable: And Other Lies Moms Tell Themselves, Robin O'Bryant shares some of these hilarious moments she has experienced with her three adorable and patience-trying daughters. She shares her concerns and her love Read more [...]

My Baby’s Experience with Acid Reflux

by heather
As a pediatric nurse and a mother, I had heard other moms talk about having babies with reflux, but I had no comprehension of the misery until I experienced it myself, or rather watched my baby experience it. I am just now finally getting around to writing about the experience over a year later because it was just that traumatic, and thinking about what we went through makes me depressed. However, it is my hope that someone out there will benefit from my account and their experience will be a little Read more [...]

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