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Mormon Journey Part 10: Liberated

by heather
If you guys have read all the way through parts 1 through 9, you deserve a gold star for hanging in there. If you're local and you've read through the whole thing and you want a prize, I'll give you some of my food storage. So like many committed Mormons, learning this information was painful. I thought that if I just kept researching I would find information to help me keep my faith. I prayed and researched and waited for General Conference (April 2013). Like a good Mormon girl I brought my questions Read more [...]

The Non-Faith-Destroying Historically Accurate Young Women’s Lesson about Joseph Smith

by heather
Last year I was a Young Women's leader going through a faith crisis and I was supposed to teach a lesson on Joseph Smith and the Restoration. Actually I was pretty done believing the truth claims of the LDS church before this point, but was in the 'I'm going to be a NOM' phase. I had some anxiety about this because I wasn't 100% sure about Joseph Smith and I just wanted to avoid being in a situation where I had to say "I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God". I planned a lesson on the Read more [...]

Mormon Journey Part 9: The Temple

by heather
For those who are reading this who may still be believers, let me say up front that I'm not going to reveal any signs or tokens, or anything that I promised not too. Anyone who is remotely inclined can google it to watch videos of the entire endowment ceremony or read transcripts, I don't need to share that here. However, some of this may still be uncomfortable, I know that it was for me. It never feels good to discover that you've been deceived. As a youth growing up in the LDS church, it was Read more [...]

YW Lesson: How do the things I say affect me and those around me?

by heather
I've had a couple requests to start sharing the lessons that I gave to the Young Women last year. Here is one that I gave in September 2013 and felt was important. I really hope that they listened. These are pretty much my notes. I did try to ask questions and encouraged the girls to share relevant stories throughout. How we communicate reflects our understanding of who we are as children of God. Our language can either uplift and encourage others, or it can hurt and offend them. When we use uplifting Read more [...]

Mormon Journey Part 8: Conversations, Young Womens and Rape Culture

by heather
At this point I was in a tail-spin, something that I think many who have lost their faith can identify with.  For those who are reading who still may be believers, I want you to know that it is a myth that the modern ex-Mormon left 'because they wanted to sin or they were offended'. I cried. I prayed. I fasted. I hardly slept. I read my scriptures and the Ensign like my life depended on it and cried some more. And I listened to dozens and dozens of pod casts. Everywhere I looked the things that Read more [...]

Mormon Journey Part 7: The Shelf Cracks

by heather
I have always had many awkward and misshaped shelf items. Experiences I'd had that didn't fit into the gospel puzzle as I understood it. Experiences that I put on the metaphorical shelf because I couldn't find satisfying answers. Sometimes when it was relevant to the conversation I would bring up one of these experiences. And on more than one occasion the friend at the other end of the conversation would say "Heather, I have no idea how you have a testimony." Which always struck me as really Read more [...]

Young Women’s Lesson on Rape Culture

by heather
With various events in the news in recent months I really felt strongly that my Young Women need to hear and understand about rape and rape culture. I am also aware that it is a sensitive subject, so I talked to the YW's president and the Bishop about it and it was eventually decided that I should talk to all of the YW in my ward, not just my class. It was going to be a fireside, but with scheduling it turned into a 5th Sunday lesson. Here's more or less what I said. I hope that by sharing it, that Read more [...]

Just Be Nice: Thoughts on Gays and Mormonism

by heather
I teach Young Women. I love it. I love my girls and I sincerely hope that the things I say to them will help them to become happy, productive, loving and thinking women. Our lesson this past Sunday was a review of General Conference, with each of the girl's bringing in a quote or talk that they enjoyed to share. They had each noticed different things during the sessions, and I felt like everything was constructive. Then the other leader brought in a talk from Elder Perry, which wasn't bad in it Read more [...]

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