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Sunstone Presentation on Human Trafficking

by heather
Last week I attended the Sunstone Symposium in Salt Lake City, Utah. I attended to support several friends who were presenting and I attended because I wanted to listen to Ed Smart speak on human trafficking. I feel like this information is worth sharing and more relevant to my old blog than my current one, so I'm back for a minute. The presentation was a panel of 4 speakers (there was a fifth scheduled, but he was unable to attend), and the theme was 'Faith in Action'. The first speaker was Read more [...]

Adolescent Sex Education: History and Policy

by heather
This is a paper that I wrote for my Health Care Policy Class last semester. I thought the topic was important and could lead to some good discussions. I think parents, healthcare workers, policy makers and concerned citizens need to be more aware of these issues and how they are handled. In light of the recent Hobby Lobby ruling, I think it is even more imperative that the public is given accurate medical information about sex. Adolescent Sex Education Policy and Effects “One of the great Read more [...]

Book Review: My Story by Elizabeth Smart

by heather
My Story by Elizabeth Smart (with Chris Stewart)is both horrifying and beautiful. Horrifying because of what she went through (although she does not go into any kind of graphic detail, which I'm sure most readers would appreciate) and beautiful because of the strength that she has. It is beautiful because through the dreadfulness of her experience she continued to have hope, and because she pulled something positive out of this experience, going on to become an advocate for recovery programs and Read more [...]

Young Men’s Lesson on Rape Culture

by heather
Here's the lesson I prepared for the Young Men. It has a lot of overlap with the lesson that I gave to the Young Women. I gave it to them today, and I have to say talking to a group of adolescent boys about sexual assault is kind of intimidating. What I said didn't come out as smoothly as I what I wrote, but I hope they listened enough that really understood the take-home message that they need to be kind to one another. I'm going to start my lesson today with a mini history lesson. I know that Read more [...]

Young Women’s Lesson on Rape Culture

by heather
With various events in the news in recent months I really felt strongly that my Young Women need to hear and understand about rape and rape culture. I am also aware that it is a sensitive subject, so I talked to the YW's president and the Bishop about it and it was eventually decided that I should talk to all of the YW in my ward, not just my class. It was going to be a fireside, but with scheduling it turned into a 5th Sunday lesson. Here's more or less what I said. I hope that by sharing it, that Read more [...]

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