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What I’ve Been Up To: December 2013

by heather
What I have been up to: We had a blizzard. One co-worker said that she has lived here for 22 years and she has never seen a snow storm like that in St George. And not only did we get a snow storm, but the snow stuck around for more than a week. (In fact we still have some in patches in our yard weeks later.) Totally weird for St. George. But the kids enjoyed snow fights and building snow men. I got my neighbor gifts AND my Christmas cards out before Christmas. Wahoo!  (Well, most of them.) Read more [...]

The Doing and Not Doing Lists of Christmas

by heather
I have recently decided that December is not long enough. I believe that it should be at least 6 weeks long. Would anyone really miss it if January and March were a little shorter? I know that I wouldn't. But as it stands I am not capable of doing all of the Christmasy things that I would like to do. As much as I would love it, the "perfect Christmas" is not going to happen. I concede, I can't get it all done and I don't want to drive myself crazy trying. So I made a list of things that I am doing Read more [...]

Ornament Winner

by heather

And the winner of this week’s ornament is Mindy. Congratulations! Check back next Monday for a chance to win another great nativity ornament.

The Christmas Tree is Up

by heather
We got our tree up. The pictures were kind of blurry, but believe me it looks better in real life. Not bad for a tree that we got at Home Depot for $2 when we were newlyweds and $7 worth of filler ornaments that I found on Amazon a few years ago. I love putting up the tree and all of the stories behind my non-filler variety ornaments. :)You can tell that my kids were helping because we have one "very well decorated" corner. Read more [...]

Christmas Traditions: Christmas Books Advent

by heather
I found this idea in a magazine years ago. Assemble 24 Christmas (or winter) children's books, wrap them up and every evening from December 1st to Christmas Eve, the kids get to unwrap one book. It helps them with the "IamsoexcitedandifIdon'topenapresentrightnowIamgoingtoexplode" phenomenon. Of course over the years I've collected more than 24 books, so now we start reading books on the night after Thanksgiving. Here are some of our favorites. Most of my books I have gotten at Seagull Book or at Read more [...]

Getting Ready for Christmas & October Giveaway

by heather
Yes, yes I know it is not even Halloween yet. However my kids' birthdays are in November and December and if I don't start planning for the holidays way in advance, the holidays aren't fun. They're busy, stressful and more expensive.  Here are some of the things that I've been stowing away over the past few months:a couple Littlest Pet Shops from Target (used a B1G1 coupon combined with a sale) eight books (including some activity books) gathered from various sales (I generally only spend Read more [...]

How to Have a More Stressful Holiday Season

by heather
Here's what my holidays have been like and here are several things I don't recommend based on personal experience. (Especially doing them all in the span of one month.) 1. Travel (as in 4 hours each way) multiple times for various events with small children in a tiny car.2. Cram in some big family events like a wedding for a close family member or LDS mission fairwell.3. Move into a new house on Christmas Eve.4. Pack and move with less than a week's notice. {But I'm happy that getting a new house Read more [...]

How to Have a More Worshipful Christmas

by heather
I came across this great list today and just had to share it. It was found at Enjoy.Replace some holiday decorations in your home with reminders of Christ.Politely decline requests that will take you away from family.Play more Christmas music.Donate gently used items to a thrift store.Go Christmas caroling.Avoid “mad rush” shopping times.Say thank you as often as possible.Schedule a night to help another person or family.Call someone you Read more [...]

My Favorite Christmas Traditions

by heather
Here are some of the things I enjoy most about the holiday season, many of which you can do with your children on a low budget.1. Baking cookies! 2. Decorating. This can get expensive, but it doesn't have to be. Some of my favorite memories as a child were making our own decorations. We made paper snowflakes and festive paper chains that we hung from the ceiling around the borders of the room. And to this day my mom's favorite Christmas tree ornaments are the ceramic mice that we painted when I was Read more [...]

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