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Food Storage Friday: Low-fat Oatmeal Scotchies

by heather
These cookies did not turn out to be everything I hoped they would be. They are pretty healthy and my husband likes them, so that counts for something right?   I was experimenting with white bean puree instead of butter, but I didn't get the soft chewy texture I was hoping for. Still good, just not the magical cookie I was imagining. I suppose magical cookies generally aren't healthy :(  I may be experimenting with this recipe again. Low-fat Oatmeal Scotchies Food Storage Ingredients: 1/2 Read more [...]

Food Storage Friday: Breakfast Cookies

by heather
Using your food storage at dinner time is great and all, but if you were to be living off your food storage, I certainly hope that you would be eating more than once a day. You need to plan for breakfast and lunch as well. So let's do a few breakfast recipes, shall we?Today's recipe comes from my very own mom. The smell of these cookies brings back memories. My mom used to make a big batch of these, freeze them and send a few with me on field trips. And they're certainly healthier than many other Read more [...]

"Engagement" Lemon Bars

by heather
 Random story about my mother-in-law and myself: When we were in high school my husband's house was the place to hang out. I think a part of this was because my mother-in-law is a such a cookie queen. (Slightly related secret: If you want to know what your kids are doing, provide food. The teenagers will show up and sometimes they'll even talk to you.) It certainly wasn't because their house was centrally located. Usually she made chocolate chip cookies and brownies, which aren't so much my Read more [...]

Helpful Hints for Baking Cookies

by heather
This Sunday's paper (Salt Lake Tribune) had a whole section on holiday cookies plus lots of baking and party tips. Am I ever excited to try them! Here's one article that I thought looked helpful."Cookies are some of the simplest items to bake. But failing to use the right ingredients or baking techniques can mean the difference between an ordinary cookie and a great one. Here are some things to ponder: Butter vs. shortening » The best thing about butter: It adds flavor. It also adds fat, which Read more [...]

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