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How to Save Money on Healthcare

by heather
These days health care costs are a big deal. So many people have overwhelming financial struggles because of their health care bills. As a nurse, and just with my interactions with people, I have heard so many sad stories of people with enormous medical bills that sometimes took decades to pay off. Some of these costs could have been prevented if people understood and were better prepared, and unfortunately some could not. But as a nurse and as a friend this is what I would recommend to try to prevent Read more [...]

To Buy or Not To Buy A House

by heather
Buying a home is a huge deal, and there is something very satisfying about having a place to call your own. Plus there are supposedly various advantages to owning a home, you can deduct the interest from your taxes, and when you move on you can get some money out of it (provided you can sell it on good terms.) But buying a house is not for everyone. I like to read finance blogs. However, one common idea that I have found on many of them is that buying a house is a bad idea.'Americans are silly for Read more [...]

Laughter- The best way to deal with stress

by heather
Laughter is one of the things that makes life worth living. And I find that I am less stress if I can find a reason to laugh about a situation or at least find something else to laugh about. Here are several sites that can always make me A cake decorator who makes fun of monstrous professional cakes. Funnier than you would Another one that surprised me with how very entertaining it is. This woman posts real estate pictures and listings and Read more [...]

How to Have a More Stressful Holiday Season

by heather
Here's what my holidays have been like and here are several things I don't recommend based on personal experience. (Especially doing them all in the span of one month.) 1. Travel (as in 4 hours each way) multiple times for various events with small children in a tiny car.2. Cram in some big family events like a wedding for a close family member or LDS mission fairwell.3. Move into a new house on Christmas Eve.4. Pack and move with less than a week's notice. {But I'm happy that getting a new house Read more [...]

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