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Food Storage Friday: Pumpkin Coconut Curry

by heather
When I tell my friends that I spend about $250 each month on groceries for our family of five I get various skeptical responses. People assume that we live off of Top Ramen and potatoes, or that I spend all of my time gardening and baking. (My kids would actually eat Ramen noodles every day if I let them, but I generally trying to push things like sandwiches and produce. Also, our gardening attempts have all been epic failures and I only bake a few times each month.) We actually eat a variety of Read more [...]

Food Storage Friday: Chile Verde Burritos

by heather
Whenever I have made chile verde sauce my family pretty much inhales it. Here's the secret to my awesome chile verde sauce: I throw in a bunch of stuff until it looks and tastes right and call it good. The recipe below is what I did most recently, but I can't guarantee that it will turn out the same next time. Peppers have a tendency to vary in flavor and hotness. You can't look at a pepper and know how potent it is going to be. If I mix everything together and it's too bland I throw in a dash of Read more [...]

Food Storage Friday: Pepper Steak

by heather
After reading I Dare You To Eat It: Designing Food Storage You Would Actually Want To Eat by Liesa Card, (who btw is awesome, really she's my hero) I was inspired to make my own book of food storage recipes, which I would share with the internet in a free download form, to encourage anyone who needs ideas on making their food storage work for them. I've started this project almost a year ago, but between work, vacations and just life in general, it hasn't happened yet. The solution: Food Storage Read more [...]

Buffalo Chicken Calzones Inspired by Erin’s Food Files

by heather
I've been following Erin's Food Files for several months now. She makes a lot of things that look delicious, but until last week I hadn't actually made any of her recipes. (Sorry, Erin some of your recipes just seem a little more involved than I generally have time/patience for. Like the Red Velvet Cheesecake. Looks amazing, but not something I'll likely try soon.) I tried four with some successes, and I'm certain that I'll try a few more. I love that she uses whole wheat flour in so many of Read more [...]

BBQ Baked Beans

by heather
So last month when I did the pantry challenge, I discovered that I had a lot of canned pork in my pantry, and I wasn't really sure what to do with it. And I didn't ever do anything with it because the one thing I thought of required beans, which I discovered I was out of.  (Somehow I had never purchased dry beans before last week.) So now that we are doing regular grocery shopping again I thought I would give it a shot. When I was growing up, I remember my mom making these great BBQ beans with Read more [...]

Beef and Bean Burritos

by heather
These are so easy and a big hit with my family. The actual making of the meal is pretty quick as long as you have your meat ready from the crock pot. Leftover burritos freeze well and lack all the who knows what that you get from freezer burritos from the store.Beef and Bean Burritos1 roast (I usually use beef, but pork also works)1 packet of taco seasoning (2, if it's a particularly big roast)1/2 c waterrefried beans (Made fresh or from a can, whatever your time table looks like)burrito-sized tortillasgrated Read more [...]

Freezer Meals

by heather
Yesterday my good friend and I decided to get together, cook a bunch of meals and freeze them. (Mostly we are doing this because my new stove and fridge STILL haven't arrived yet and the only appliances I have are my microwave and my deep freeze. She is a great friend to suggest and volunteer we do this at her place.) Now I've heard people rave before about the wonders of making meals and deep freezing them, but honestly it always sounded like more work than it is worth. Yes, they're nice to have, Read more [...]

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