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Food Storage Friday: Nutella No-Bake Energy Bars

by heather
Awhile ago my friend was over and I handed her one of my trusty energy bars. She loved them, but suggested that I try making them with Nutella. Brilliant idea, Mandy my dear. I still think I prefer the non-Nutella variety, the Nutella makes them very sweet, but it's nice to mix it up. Both varieties are a great, easy, healthy (and cheap) snack for after a run. They don't travel very well, so they're not meant for races or really long runs. But for a quick dose of fiber, protein and carbs after Read more [...]

Food Storage Friday: No-Bake Energy Bars

by heather
Well  it's summer in St George and I have officially reached that point where I avoid using my oven at all costs. Recently I found this recipe for  no-bake energy bars and I am in love. I found the recipe on Skinny Bovine's Kitchen and she got it from Love Veggies and Yoga. I made a couple of minor changes. These things make a great breakfast on the go. Enjoy. No-Bake Energy Bars Food Storage Ingredients: 2 1/2 cups old fashioned oats 1/2 cup peanut butter 1/2 cup shredded coconut 1/3 cup Read more [...]

6 Healthy Junk Food Alternatives for Kids

by heather
Joy Paley is a guest blogger for An Apple a Day and a writer on earning your nursing degree  for the Guide to Health Education.Sure, we all want our kids to eat healthier. But where do you even start, when their main dietary staples are hot dogs and chips? It’s hard enough to get adventurous eaters to try anything labeled “healthy,” much less a kid who lives off two main food groups that weren’t even invented a hundred years ago. The key to keeping your kid feeling well, however, is Read more [...]

My latest way to sneak veggies to my children

by heather
If you're like me and many other moms, you struggle to get your kids to eat veggies. (Click here for my favorite means of sneaking it to them.) And I'm always looking for ways to get my kids to eat better that actually work. Here's my latest trick: Pepperidge Farm Garden Cheddar Goldfish. Each 1.1 oz serving of crackers contains 1/3 serving of vegetables. Yes, nutritionally, this is not as good as eating whole vegetables, but it's a taste that my kids love, are familiar with and is easy to stash Read more [...]

Quick After School Snack

by heather
Here's something we've been eating since jr high and I don't remember exactly where it came from. It's not low cal, but that doesn't mean that it's not nutritious. Plus, it's quick and easy. I remember eating it often after school and the protein in the peanut butter in a few of these plus a glass of milk would help hold me over until dinner. I still like to snack on these and my kids love them too, especially if I let them make faces with their toppings. I prefer them crammed with as many toppings Read more [...]

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