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Book Review: Housekeeping Secrets My Mother Never Taught Me

by heather
 I wish I had discovered Housekeeping Secrets My Mother Never Taught Me by Joni Hilton when I was a newlywed. A clean house can save you time, money, improve your health and make you feel better about yourself. This book is a good guide to cleaning your house and is full of tips and pointers. (Although many of the decorating ideas are questionable or at least dated. But then I can't say that I'm a decorating expert either.) I also liked her statement "The easiest way to keep a house clean is Read more [...]

A Few Thoughts on Coupons and Organizing

by heather
I have a love/hate relationship with coupons. I love saving money on my groceries. There's something very satisfying about looking at my grocery receipt and consistently saving between 50-60% on the things that my family uses anyway. However, I hate clipping coupons. There are so many other things that I would rather be doing. It's so tedious and seems like huge waste of time to cut out all of those coupons and use less than half of them.  I've heard people say that clipping coupons at all is Read more [...]

Ways to Save Money On Your Utility Bills In The Summer

by heather
It is July and I live in St George. In case you haven't ever been here, it's hot. Not as bad as Phoenix, but close. Most days I hide in my house between noon and six pm. Sometimes after dinner I may run errands and it's still 107 degrees. And this has been a mild summer compared to most. Next week it's supposed to get up to 114. I am not looking forward to what that will do to my power bill. With the AC running all the time, it gets expensive. Here's a some things you can do, some are simple every Read more [...]

Tricks with Hydrogen Peroxide

by heather
I hope that everyone had a great Mother's Day.My mother-in-law recently sent me a list of uses for 3% hydrogen peroxide, plus I added a few more that I thought were helpful. It's amazing what can be done with a bottle that costs less than a dollar. Everything I listed I have either tried, know someone who has tried or I have found enough research to support it, unless otherwise indicated. The ones we haven't tried aren't going to do any harm. It seems that hydrogen peroxide is safe and helpful, but Read more [...]

Secrets of Organized Homes

by heather
I try to keep my home clean, but let's be real. I live here with my small children. It's not perfectly clean all the time. (I don't think it's actually perfectly clean any of the time.) And I've mulling over and searching for cleaning hacks to share, but when it comes down to it, I think the best secret to have a clean house is to have everything organized. (Easier said than done.) We've all heard it before, but it's true. Recently I read an article in Family Fun Magazine called "Secrets of Organized Read more [...]

Microwave Cleaning Tips

by heather
Fill a microwavable bowl with water. Add one of the following: 1 tsp of vanilla, citrus peels or lemon juice. Microwave water until boiling. The steam should make removal of cooked-on gunk much easier. It almost just falls of with a cleaning sponge. Repeat if necessary.To sterilise cleaning sponges cook in the microwave for 2 minutes. Make sure they are damp first or they can catch on fire. Careful, they will be very hot when you pull them out.Ensure that any spills are cleaned up as soon as they Read more [...]

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