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Truths and Myths About Warts

by heather
 Once last summer I went with my family to the beach. We had a great time. This was a Tuesday. By Wednesday evening there was a tender spot on my foot. By Friday, it was becoming painful. It was kind of a slow day at work so my co-worker and I used our available resources to rule out a lot of things that it wasn't. My foot looked perfectly fine. I was beginning to think I had a acquired some exotic foot disease at the beach.  By Sunday evening, it hurt so much that I couldn't walk. First Read more [...]

Strep Throat vs. Spinal Meningitis

by heather
 Once when I was in the fourth grade I had a fever, headache, nausea and I felt lousy. My mom tried to get me to touch my chin to my chest. I couldn't/wouldn't. My mom rushed me to the emergency room because she was sure that I had spinal meningitis. As it turns I wouldn't touch my chin to my chest because I had a nasty case of strep throat. It hurt too much. Now it was great that she took me to the doctor, but it didn't really didn't merit an ER visit. (Of course I don't remember what day or Read more [...]

Folic Acid A Key To Healthy Babies

by heather
When I saw this headline on the cover of yesterday's paper (sorry I was going to link to the article, but for some reason the Sunday cover story isn't listed on the Salt Lake Trib's website, weird I know), I was a little surprised, I mean research proved this in the 1980's. The problem is that health care officials and educators assume that people know this and they stop harping on the matter, but every year a new group of women enter their child bearing years and need to hear this information. And Read more [...]

Myths About Asthma

by heather
Yesterday was a kind of a slow day at work so I decided to brush up on my asthma education. I found several debunked myths about asthma that I thought were interesting.Myth: Children usually outgrow asthmaReality: How asthma effects a patient varies throughout their lifespan. Even if the symptoms go away, the tendency towards asthma is still there and can flare-up with stress and triggers.Myth:Asthma treatments don't work.Reality: Newer treatments are actually very effective. But in order Read more [...]

What to do and what not to do for a bloody nose

by heather
Last night my daughter got a random bloody nose.  It reminded me that until I went to nursing school everyone I had ever encountered had been doing the wrong thing for a bloody nose, myself included. If you get a bloody nose take a kleenex and pinch your nostrils shut while leaning forward and breathing through your mouth. This seems counter-intuitive, no? If you lean forward you may drip blood onto yourself, clothes or something else. If you don't you can possibly have bigger problems. One Read more [...]

Alcohol Substitutions in Cooking

by heather
It seems that many recipes call for alcohol and as a strictly non-drinker, it's not something that I keep in my pantry. However, I have found that there are a few simple ingredients from my pantry that substitute well for alcohol in many recipes. For a more extensive chart with substitutions for less generic alcohols see beer- chicken broth or Sprite (Use your judgement based on the recipe.)Heavier beer- beef broth or root beerRed wine- chicken broth or red grape juice Sake- rice Read more [...]

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