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Crafting with a Purpose: The Write It Out Project

by heather
Yesterday I came across a service project that sounded so awesome I committed before I thought whether or not I was getting ahead of myself. The Write It Out Project was started by an Iraqi War widow who wanted to do something to help other military widows out there cope with their loss. So she decided to enlist as many women as she can to make handmade journals for these women. This is such an awesome idea. I am a firm believer that writing is a great way to deal with stress. I was so excited I Read more [...]

Someone Who Inspires Me

by heather
Whether or not you are LDS, it's hard not to feel inspired by Stephanie Nielson and her story. Every mother should watch this video. It will remind you of what's really important. If you're interested her blog is Read more [...]

Book Review: The Hiding Place

by heather
Several times in my life people have recommended The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom, and for some unknown reason I haven't read it until last week. It's the story of two sisters. They're old maids living with their elderly father in Holland during World War II. One day Jews just start showing up on their doorstep. So they start hiding them and smuggling them away to other hiding places. Eventually they are caught and sent first to prison, then a work camp in Holland and finally an extermination Read more [...]

Steering Clear of the Brink…

by heather
The other day I was talking with my husband. He was telling me about one of his students who has a tough situation at home and can't wait to graduate and get away. The biggest reason is that his mom is crazy, unreasonable and really makes his life miserable. (And we all know moms like her, or at least we know children like her son.) I thought 'How very sad'. It also made me think, 'how does this happen?' I'm assuming that at one point, perhaps a long time ago, she was a caring mother who her children Read more [...]

Appreciation Can Save Your Sanity

by heather
I've talked about appreciation and gratitude before, and when I was in college I studied a little about its health benefits, but recently I found this great concise and convincing list. (I found this list in What Happy Working Mothers Know, and they referenced the info from What Happy Companies Know by Dan Baker & Cathy Greenberg and The HeartMath Institute)Positive attitudes in heart patients increase survival by 20% after 11 years.Positive talk between couples reduces stress by 15%, negative Read more [...]

Gratitute- A secret that really will save your sanity

by heather
Yesterday my toddler was very trying on my patience. While I was cleaning up from dinner he sqeezed out a mostly full large bottle of baby powder all over his room. After I bathed him and put him in his jammies and was cleaning up the powder her got in the tub with his sister and his clothes on. After I got them both out of the tub and went back to the powder he dumped an almost full bottle of shampoo all over the bathroom. And this is just what one hour of my day was like. He went to bed without Read more [...]

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