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The Big Move

by heather
So a couple weeks ago 'the big move' happened. I was accepted to grad school in April, so I knew this was happening, yet I still spent a good part of my summer in limbo. As soon as last semester was over I deep-cleaned my house and packed up at least half of it. We got a contractor to finish the basement and waited for a buyer. Unfortunately, instead of the expected 6-8 weeks, it took 4 and 1/2 months and everyone who was interested wanted to wait until the basement was finished before they put in Read more [...]

What I’ve Been Up To: July

by heather
New student orientation! And discovered a few more exciting options that I can go with my career. We found a place to live, then decided to consider more options, found an option that I think will be better for our family, although we weren't able to see this last option in person. (Btw, it doesn't really help that there is a housing shortage in the city where we will be moving. It makes me feel more grateful that we found a place.) I found a new job that I think will fit my needs, made it Read more [...]

What I’ve Been Up To: May 2014

by heather
I finished the semester (did well) and the kids finished the school year. May is always very busy. It's started getting warm here so we've been hitting the swimming pool and the splash park regularly. I cleaned my house like it was my new religion. It's now up on the market. If someone is inclined to buy it, that would be awesome. Or if you know someone who is looking for a 7 bedroom house in a nice neighborhood in St George, send them my way. We left the kids with Grandma and Grandpa for Read more [...]

What I’ve Been Up To: April

by heather
Dyed easter eggs with Kool-aid. We found that lemonade is pretty weak in the color department, pineapple gives a much better spring-time yellow. Mix 1 packet of Kool-aid with 2/3 cup water per bowl. No stinky vinegar required and the colors came out great. Most of the fam and I got sick, that pretty much sucked away a week of my life. Lots of homework. Almost done with the semester... I started making an 'I Spy' quilt for my kids. When I can't focus on homework anymore I switch to working Read more [...]

Some Tips About Upromise and Sallie Mae

by heather
So a few years ago I opened a Upromise account to get a head start on saving for my kids college. It's somewhat like Ebates. You get a percentage of what you spend online put into an account that you can use to pay off student loans, or pay tuition and other college expenses. There are a few other ways of earning money too. Sometimes there are surveys you can take, you can earn money back on dining, groceries, etc. Originally this money was to be for the kids' college fund, but then my husband went Read more [...]

Saving Money on Textbooks

by heather
College textbooks are a racket. You all know it's true. But they are often vital to successfully move forward towards your career. (My first semester of nursing school I paid over $800 (and that was several years ago) for textbooks from my campus bookstore and I got most of them used. And then I didn't even use about half of them. Murg. Like I said, it's a racket.) Despite what some college bookstores would like you to think, buying online is a FANTASTIC option. This fall my husband is going back Read more [...]

Upromise- start saving for your children’s college without having to think about it

by heather
Previously I gave a list of websites that I use to save money, but I didn't go into a lot of detail on each. So I'll expand on them some more. One website I use is Upromise. Signing up is free, and how it works is this site advertises various businesses and when you use those businesses, they donate a percentage of what you spend to your account. Now by advertising, the businesses are trying to get your money, because hey that's what business is about. And I'm not sure, but they probably can Read more [...]

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