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Book Review: Queen of Common Cents: Over 1001 Tips & Facts To Save Time and Money

by heather
Queen of Common Cents: Over 1001 Tips and Facts to Save Time and Money by Michelle Snow RN, MSPH, MSHR, PhD When I saw this book I noticed that the author is a registered nurse and has a Master's degree in Public Health, plus several other letters after her name and thought 'She's a nurse, she's probably really know what she is talking about." I felt like I identified with her. We're both LDS moms, we're both nurses and we're both trying to help people save time and money. So I bought it. As Read more [...]

Saving Money on Back to School Clothes

by heather
It's that time of year, everywhere there are reminders that school is about to start and it's time to spend a lot of money getting your kids outfitted for school. Well it doesn't have to be that way. You can get your kids ready for school without racking up the credit card bills. Here is what I do: At the beginning of the school year each child gets a couple outfits, socks and a new pair of shoes. That's it. I do most of my real school shopping in October when everything really goes on sale. Read more [...]

Wedding Apparel for $10- No Sewing Skills Required

by heather
Last August I found myself in a predicament. My husband's little sister was getting married.  I needed to find something for myself and my newborn to wear to her wedding reception. When looking for dresses for my baby, I couldn't find the right colors. Everything that was white was  a) too big, b) covered in sequins c) cost a lot more money than I was willing to pay for something she would wear once or d) all of the above. I couldn't see myself spending $60 on something that she was Read more [...]

Where I shop for children’s clothing

by heather
On a several occasions I have been asked where and how I get such good deals on children's clothing. Here's the breakdown:Online: (More convenient and we all love packages, don't we?)OldNavy & Gap- It seems that about every other month they have a sale where you can get 20-30% off. They generally have most of what I am looking for, and I can often find things for my husband and I there also. It's the best place to get pants if your kids are of the tall and skinny proportions. There are often Read more [...]

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