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December Updates

by heather
Great news!I passed the CPN exam! I am now a Certified Pediatric Nurse and I get to put extra letters after my name. Wahoo!Cindy Lou Who's reflux is getting better. She's still on more than $500 worth of medication each month and I still can not have tomatoes or onions, but I can have small amounts of cranberries, chocolate, citrus, beans and dairy. Really, this is huge people.We had a great Christmas, including some time with my brother-in-law who just came home from the Philippines.With these big Read more [...]

What I’ve been up to

by heather
 I swear I have a dozen blog posts bouncing around in my head, but not enough time to write them. That is, time where I'm in the 'writing zone' plus had enough sleep plus have 2 hands free. I've written a couple in a state of sleep deprivation and come back to proofread them and I'm not quite sure what I was trying to say, so we'll get back to those. So I'll just summarize what I've been doing in list form, because Heather is all about the lists. :)Feeding the baby- She gained 3 pounds in 4 Read more [...]

Pantry Challenge Review

by heather
In the past couple weeks this is what we have been eating: Navajo Tacos, Chicken Fajita Pasta, Beef Stew, Noodles and Company, Chili, Banana Oatmeal Bread, Cream of Mushroom Soup, Orange Buttermilk pancakes (made with powdered milk), Toasted Ham and Cheese Sandwiches with Tomato Soup, Beef and Wheat Enchiladas and lots of leftovers. And eating food storage for lunch is easy because every day my kids want "Ramen doodles" or Mac & Cheese. I have to be very persuasive to get them to eat anything Read more [...]

Kitchen Experiment- Chicken Tabouleh Salad

by heather
The recipe for this Middle Eastern dish came from Brown Bag Success. It was not a big hit in our house, even after I made my own alterations. I should have known better than to try to feed my husband something with cucumbers and tomatoes. He doesn't like it, the kids won't eat it. The whole thing smacks of "chic food". However, I still enjoyed it. It's a different and easy way to eat wheat, that doesn't require a wheat grinder and I'm always looking for those. Perhaps this recipe will useful to someone Read more [...]

The Pantry Challenge

by heather
 Recently I stumbled across a blog called Money Saving Mom as she was discussing her pantry challenge for the month of January. It sounded like something I would like to give a shot, well sort of. Her challenge was for the entire month of January only use foods that she already had in her fridge, freezer and pantry. I'm just not that hard-core. What I have been doing  for February is using stuff from my pantry in every meal and I plan everything based on what I already have. In assessing Read more [...]

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