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Mormon Journey Part 3: The guy in my Spanish class

by heather
This section has actually very little to do with Mormonism, but it is completely relevant to my journey, so I'm going to tell the part of the story where my husband and I got together, and I was a silly teenage girl. On occasion people have asked me if I always knew that he was the one for me. That would be a definite 'no'. My earliest memory of Alan was that he was in my seventh grade advanced science class. He sat a few seats over from me. My friend was making fun of him for being so shy. (Kids Read more [...]

Romantic Getaway on a Budget: 2nd Edition.

by heather
A few weeks ago we celebrated our wedding anniversary. Now that my husband's done with school and we're in position where our monthly income exceeds our monthly expenses, we probably could have really splurged for our anniversary. However, we're trying save money and pay off the student loans that we acquired putting him through school instead. Besides that I was seven months pregnant at the time and extensive traveling isn't high on my list of things that sound like fun. The answer: plan and find Read more [...]


by heather
Have you guys heard of or seen CityDeals before? It's kind of like Groupon in that you can get a really great discount, but instead have a 24 hour window to snag the deal, there are just a limited number of each deal to snag. I have seen discounts upwards of 80%. There are deals on restaurants, recreational activities, services, spas and more. Sometimes you snag multiples of the deal and other times they are limited to one per person. There are a whole range of deals, many for places to that are Read more [...]

A Romantic Getaway on A Budget

by heather
This week my husband and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary. As I was planning something fun I realized, I can't even remember the last time that we had a real date. Really. If you are in the same situation I suggest that you follow the steps below. Even getting away for just one night can be fun and a simple way to strengthen your relationship.If necessary, find someone to watch the kids. This is biggest barrier for us. You can find things to do for free, but getting a babysitter can be expensive, Read more [...]

Valentine’s Day on the Cheap

by heather
 This year for V-day I made beef jerky for my beloved. He will know this truly a sign of my love because I HATE touching raw meat, which is an unavoidable downside of making your own beef jerky. (Although it's very tasty, and super easy and inexpensive to do if you have a dehydrator and a jerky gun.) Including the cute container to put it in, it cost me less than $4. For my kids I found some cute V-day socks at Old Navy for 70 cents each and a couple books for a few dollars each. In the Read more [...]

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