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13 Simple Secrets for Mommy

by heather
It seems like as a mom there are always more things to do than there is time to do them. And it's very easy for "me-time" to dissipate, especially when your kids are small. Here are a list of little things that you can do that make yourself feel better, even when "me-time" is scarce. (Confession: This is list is a reminder for myself as much as anything.)Exercise- Normally I am of the camp who doesn't pay for gym memberships, they are over-priced and I can exercise on my own for free. The problem Read more [...]

How to Survive Road Trips with Small Children

by heather
As our closest family is four hours away, I have mastered the art of a successful road trip, and have had many an unsuccessful road trip also. Success just requires a little preparation.  Make sure that you have the following readily available:baby wipes- best thing for cleaning up sticky fingers and faces (and diapers if applicable)a change of clothes per child (In an emergency situation we had to have our child pee in the bushes by the side of the road, she's small, it's awkward, and we had Read more [...]

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