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Product Review: CSN Grain and Nut Grinder

by heather
 Recently CSN Store contacted me to do a product review. They provide a gift certificate, I choose an item and review it here on my blog. And being the food storage nerd that I am I chose a hand-cranked  Universal Grain, Corn and Nut Mill. I am fully aware that an electric one is faster, but I want to have both in the event that there's a power outage/ shortage.Picture from CSN Store site As for the shopping process, I wished there was a product description or review. I realize that Read more [...]

Apparently I only look like an adult…

by heather
So this morning I woke up at five-thirty, because that's what I always do. After trying for more than an hour to go back to sleep, I thought I would gather my coupons and head back to Smith's. I forgot to get eggs and perhaps there were still some great  mega coupon deals left. When I was stopped at the intersection near Smith's I noticed a motorcycle pass me. 'Was that a cop? I don't think so. Regardless, I'm ok. I'm definitely not speeding.' Except when I pulled into the parking lot, Read more [...]

I’m sure at some point I’m going to learn something from this.

by heather
 This morning I was supposed to work, but there weren't enough sick children, so I was put on-call. Hooray! I love being put on-call, it's my favorite. Especially on the weekends, because then my whole family is home. Yes, being on-call I make less than $3 an hour, but I get to be with my family, so it's worth it.  Today I had marvelous plans. I did some small grocery shopping and rented a carpet cleaner. (Earlier this week when I tried to rent one there weren't any available, even though Read more [...]

What to do should you spill water on your laptop

by heather
So last weekend I was writing my book review post and the book wouldn't stay open. There was a glass of water handy on the table so I sat in on the page of my book that I wanted to see. (Yes, I know not my most brilliant move.) It wasn't long before said glass of water was knocked onto my laptop (and no I can't even blame the kids.) And my husband the computer genius wasn't even there at the moment to fix it. Once upon a time he taught me to build a PC from parts, and from this experience I learned Read more [...]

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