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Book Review: Back to Basics-Tips for Gardening

by heather
After the love of my life discovered that I would remotely even consider a "self-sufficient" lifestyle, he picked up Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills. This book is not 'light reading', but it is a great reference. It has articles on every skill I can imagine that would be useful if you were to live off land or 'go off the grid'. Some of the topics it covers include: making your house energy efficient, gardening, planning and building your own home, preserving food, quilting, Read more [...]

Spring Gardening in St George- from Utah State University

by heather
Last week at church there was a pile of handouts about spring gardening in St George. The information comes from the Washington County extension of Utah State University. It seems like great info, but the last thing that I need is another piece of paper to get lost on my kitchen counter. So I thought I would share it here and recycle the hard copy.Spring Gardening in St. GeorgeBy Rick Heflebower, Washington County Horticulture AgentVegetable gardening in Washington County can be rewarding and successful. Read more [...]

Home Gardening- Take 2

by heather
 Earlier his week we took a trip to "the house store" as my children call it. My husband is encouraging a healthy love for our local home improvement store in them. As soon as we walk in Thing 1 always wants to look at the lighting aisle. (It's easy to imagine a little bit of magic there.) Thing 2 likes to look at the sinks and toilets. (We're pretty focused on potty training right now, not to mention he would spend all day playing in the sink if I let him.) And I have to admit that I like the Read more [...]

Quest to Save the Planet: Backyard Composting

by heather
So here I am in my little corner of the world, trying to make it a better place, and I have started composting. Here are reasons I think that the average person should compost.Composting reduces waste.  It's good for the planet. Food waste and yard trimmings currently make up 23% of waste in the US. Wouldn't that be great if we could easily reduced the number of landfills by 1/4?Composting returns micro-nutrients from food waste to the soil to help plants grow.Composting can reduce diseases Read more [...]

Everything I Know About Plants & Gardening

by heather
Water, weed, good dirt is necessary, um that's about it.Today would have been my grandma's 86th birthday and I've been thinking about her lately. She had an amazing green thumb. Her house was always full of plants and she could revive almost anything. Once she grew a plant from a cutting that overtook her entire living room. She called the LDS Church office building to see if she could donate it to them. They asked "Well, is the plant healthy?" "Yes, that's the problem." They had to remove her double Read more [...]

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