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What I’ve Been Up to: March

by heather
What I've been up to: I helped my kids build Olafs for the snowman building contest at school. I finally got rid of all the girl scout cookies. Over spring break we visited the Las Vegas Children's Museum and Death Valley. We took a trip to Denver and stopped at Arches National Park along the way. I got an interview at the grad school program of my dreams. The drive there was stressful and I got little sleep the night before. The interview didn't go as magically as I hoped, but I Read more [...]

Food Storage Friday: Tin Can Wind Chime

by heather
This week's project was involved food storage, but not eating it. I found a project in the May 2013 Family Fun Magazine a few weeks ago and decided it would make a perfect Mother's Day gift. (I had some extra time since we were seeing the Grandma's after school got out.) I changed it from monochrome from rainbow and added some g-kids hand prints. Tin Can Wind Chime Supplies: 4-6 clean empty cans of various sizes, that fit within each other primer paint heavy duty string a wooden ring Read more [...]

More than stretching your dollar

by heather
There is a lot to be said for living within your means, using what you have and being a great bargain hunter, and there are a lot of people who say a lot about it. However, it seems that there are fewer people giving suggestions on how to increase your means. I know that for many the ideal is that dad works and mom stays home with the kids, but often that just doesn't cut it. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to increase your income, here are a few suggestions to help you out.Be Read more [...]

Book Review: Family Funbook

by heather
I came across this book when browsing on Amazon and bought it because I remember my mother enjoying several books written by this author when I was growing up. Family Funbook: More than 400 Amazing, Amusing and All-Around Awesome Activities for the Entire Family! by Joni Hilton is full of fun and creative ideas to do with your kids. I love this book (even though I probably wouldn't pick it up if I were basing my purchase just on the cover). I am definitely going to refer to this book the next time Read more [...]

A Few Random Traveling Tips

by heather
Still on vacation. Here are a few things that I've learned in my travels.If you want to save money, leave your wallet at home. Occasionally I see souvenirs that I might buy, but I never want them so bad to track down my husband and get him to pay for them. (I didn't plan this one, but sure is effective. Still don't recommend it because it's such a pain.)Never purchase the kids meals from Taco Bell. A kids meal consists of a cheese roll-up, cinnamon twists and a Caprisun- $4.49 (and it doesn't come Read more [...]

The Power of Coupons

by heather
I've been debating for awhile whether I should share this, I'm generally not the type who says "ooh, look what I did" (Then 'why do I even keep up a blog?' you may ask. I'm just hoping that the things I say are of use to someone out there.) But I decided that this is important enough to share.Last week while we were running errands my daughter told me that she wanted to buy toys for kids who don't have any. I'm ashamed to admit that my first thought was 'Mommy is trying to save money.' Then I thought Read more [...]

Crafting with a Purpose: The Write It Out Project

by heather
Yesterday I came across a service project that sounded so awesome I committed before I thought whether or not I was getting ahead of myself. The Write It Out Project was started by an Iraqi War widow who wanted to do something to help other military widows out there cope with their loss. So she decided to enlist as many women as she can to make handmade journals for these women. This is such an awesome idea. I am a firm believer that writing is a great way to deal with stress. I was so excited I Read more [...]

BBQ Chicken and Wheat Salad

by heather
Ok, for those who haven't ever had something with wheat berries in it, just stay with me. You need to try this. Using your wheat can be so easy and very delicious. Last summer when I went to a presentation by Liesa Card, she introduced me to the wonders of wheat without a wheat grinder. First you start with this recipe:To prepare wheatberries:4 c. raw whole wheat10 c. water1 T. saltOil a large (4 quart or larger) slow cooker and fill with wheat, water, and salt. Cover and cook on low all night, 8-10 Read more [...]

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