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Feeding Your Family Healthy Meals When You’re Out of Energy

by heather
When I come home after being at work for 13 hours (sometimes longer), I generally do not have the energy to make a healthy balanced meal that my family is also interested in eating. Unfortunately when I get home from work is when my family is hungry and they've gotten to the point where they're impatient and irritable. If I don't act fast they'll have popsicles and popcorn for dinner, or worse, fast food. Here's some things that I do to prevent this, and I would really love to hear what everyone Read more [...]

Fat Free Pumpkin Apple Muffins

by heather
I've been making these muffins since I was six, although they have evolved quite a bit since then. They started out with a lot more sugar and oil than they have now. And I changed the white flour for oat flour and added some oatmeal and vegetables. They're still easy and satisfying. (And they're a hit with the picky eaters too.) Really, I heart these muffins so much. Trust me they taste better than they look. Plus they're full of Vitamins A and C and fiber.Pumpkin Apple Oatmeal Muffins2 1/2 cups Read more [...]

Confessions of A Mother of a Picky Eater

by heather
I thought that my daughter was picky, until I had my son. That child would not drink formula. The only baby foods I ever got him to eat were bananas, pears and apple sauce. Weaning was a nightmare. Once I did get him weaned I worried about him because he won't eat anything. Really, he lives on fruits, crackers, cheese, chocolate milk and yogurt. He doesn't eat bread, vegetables or meats. (Now he will once in awhile eat a chicken nugget.) Occasionally he'll eat eggs, but never more than once a week. Read more [...]

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