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Experience about Research and Infant Reflux

by heather
Yesterday I attended a poster presentation event where multiple professors from the College of Nursing shared their research findings. One of the studies (which is still in the works) was on infants with acid reflux (GERD), the mental health of their mothers and the effects of infant massage to ease their discomfort. The study found that mothers of infants with reflux are more prone to postpartum depression and less likely to effectively bond with infants, which causes the mothers a great deal of Read more [...]

Breast Feeding vs. Infant Formula

by heather
  Whether you choose to breast-feed your infant or not, is a very personal decision. When I first started working on a Postpartum unit the lactation specialist gave me a list of 101 reasons why women should breast-feed. Most of them were completely ridiculous and several of them were listed two or three times. You have to choose what will work for you, your baby and your situation. I don't believe that you should let anyone try to convince you to do anything that you're not comfortable Read more [...]

Varicose Vein Surgery

by heather
 When I was nineteen I started developing varicose veins. It's genetic. I started wearing support stocking religiously, but let's face it, I picked the wrong profession if I wanted to protect my legs and veins. And having three babies didn't help either. When I had Thing 1, I was told that I needed to wait until I was done having children before I did anything about fixing them. Technology has advanced since then. (Which is good because after my pregnancies and standing on my feet for so many Read more [...]

Postpartum Depression

by heather
 Postpartum blues effects up to 85% of women in the period after they have given birth. Postpartum depression is a more severe condition that effects up to 25% of women. "Symptoms include sadness, fatigue, changes in sleeping and eating patterns, reduced libido, crying episodes, anxiety, and irritability." No kidding. Suddenly you have a bundle of joy who needs constant care and attention, doesn't let you sleep, siphons off your energy, doubles your load of housework and reduces the Read more [...]

Book Review: Full of Life

by heather
It is my belief that just because this is my third baby and I have a BS in Nursing doesn't mean that I know everything there is to know about pregnancy and having babies. So I picked up Full of Life: Mom-to-Mom Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Pregnant by Nancy O'Dell, hoping for some new insights. This book is not an encycolpedia reference for pregnancy and motherhood, however it was more enjoyable to read than any of the other pregnancy books that I have read. It didn't tell me anything Read more [...]

Folic Acid A Key To Healthy Babies

by heather
When I saw this headline on the cover of yesterday's paper (sorry I was going to link to the article, but for some reason the Sunday cover story isn't listed on the Salt Lake Trib's website, weird I know), I was a little surprised, I mean research proved this in the 1980's. The problem is that health care officials and educators assume that people know this and they stop harping on the matter, but every year a new group of women enter their child bearing years and need to hear this information. And Read more [...]

Helpful info for Moms who have had bladder issues after childbirth

by heather
 A few months ago I was talking with a good friend and I came to the realization that there are a lot of women out there who have been done a disservice by their post-partum nurses and OB-GYN's. She (and many others) have no idea what Kegel exercises are and how they are helpful in getting your body back to normal after childbirth. Perhaps many of my readers are already well-informed about this, but if I'm able to enlighten one woman who wasn't, than my time is well-spent. Pregnancy and Read more [...]

Why You Should Probably Be Taking a Prenatal Vitamin Even If You Aren’t Pregnant

by heather
The process of growing and breastfeeding a child for six months sucks out 5 years worth of nutrition from your body. This means that if you are not supplementing your diet while pregnant and/or breastfeeding your body will remove mineral and other nutrition stores from your body in order to create/ feed that little bundle of joy. Your body will actually take calcium from your bones and give it to your baby. This is one of the reasons women are more likely to suffer from bone loss. (There also another  Read more [...]

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