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by heather
Have you ever found yourself thinking 'I do care about politics, but I have small children and I don't have the time to research the candidates and their policies so that I can make an informed decision'? I know that I have. Politics is one of those things that I feel is important to be informed about and involved in, however when you are being a mom to small kids it kind of slides down the priority list. I recently found a solution (at least a partial solution)- On this free website Read more [...]

Happy Memorial Day!

by heather
Hooray for summer holidays! I would like to encourage everyone to take a moment from your burgers, watermelon and holiday sales to remember why we celebrate this holiday. I come from a long line of military servicemen. My brother is in the Army Reserve. My dad was in the Air Force. Four of my grandparents served in World War II. The list goes back to the Revolutionary War. I am proud of my heritage and the sacrifices that my ancestors made. They worked and struggled for a great cause. I am grateful Read more [...]

Progress on the Write It Out Project

by heather
 Unfortunately, this week has been far busier than anticipated. But I have one journal done and the others cut out. This is how I plan to spend a big chunk of my Memorial Day weekend. It seems appropriate. My first one is not perfect, but descent for someone who has almost no sewing skills, whatsoever. (In high school my mom wanted me to take sewing. I took Spanish and extra science classes instead. I don't regret it.) Sunday evening update: All done! Read more [...]

Crafting with a Purpose: The Write It Out Project

by heather
Yesterday I came across a service project that sounded so awesome I committed before I thought whether or not I was getting ahead of myself. The Write It Out Project was started by an Iraqi War widow who wanted to do something to help other military widows out there cope with their loss. So she decided to enlist as many women as she can to make handmade journals for these women. This is such an awesome idea. I am a firm believer that writing is a great way to deal with stress. I was so excited I Read more [...]

What To Do With Your Expired Coupons

by heather
So I had heard before that expired coupons can be used by military families stationed overseas for 6 months after their expiration date. However, I could never find out how to get them to them. I did a little searching on-line, but no where could I find a place to mail my growing mountain of expired coupons. This past weekend I finally stumbled upon the answer: You can send your expired coupons to U.S. military bases around the world. The coupons are placed in various common areas throughout each Read more [...]

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