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What I’ve Been Up to: March

by heather
What I've been up to: I helped my kids build Olafs for the snowman building contest at school. I finally got rid of all the girl scout cookies. Over spring break we visited the Las Vegas Children's Museum and Death Valley. We took a trip to Denver and stopped at Arches National Park along the way. I got an interview at the grad school program of my dreams. The drive there was stressful and I got little sleep the night before. The interview didn't go as magically as I hoped, but I Read more [...]

New Year’s Resolutions

by heather
I decided I would post these publicly, because if I tell people about them, I will feel more of an obligation to be honest and do what I said I was going to do. Read 12 chapter books with Thing 1. And then have activities to go with them. Like watching the Harry Potter movies after reading each one. Find 12 books that interest Thing 2 and read them with him. He can read, but he's not super interested in the activity, I hope to change that. Potty train Cindy Lou Who. She has shown some sporadic Read more [...]

Mormon Journey Part 2: Truth Seeking & Healing

by heather
Part 1 Back when I was a youth, my mom was once asked to substitute teach my Sunday School class. Normally, she taught Relief Society where the class members are eager to participate. The 14-18 year olds are less eager. So she kept putting me on the spot because she knew that I would have to answer.  (Now that I myself  have spent some time teaching teenage girls, I completely understand how difficult it is to get them to say anything.) I remember one of the questions she asked is, 'If you could Read more [...]

What I’ve been up to: August 2013

by heather
What I've been up to: I didn't get into graduate school. The program is very competitive and the fact that my application wasn't complete (One transcript office sent my transcript to the wrong school and it took 2 weeks to get a hold of someone who was even willing to write down my name.) made it one of the first on the chopping block. Of course that was a little disappointing, but I think it is for the best. I can still take a few classes online that will count toward my degree (at a lower tuition Read more [...]

Math Games for Preschoolers

by heather
Last week I attended another preschool parent meeting and I thought I would share some of the ideas that they mentioned. These are all cheap (or free) and simple things that you can do with your preschooler to help improve their math skills. Bead necklace: (Patterns) Give child a shoestring (or piece of yarn) with a knot tied at one end. Provide with a supply or large wooden beads or colored pasta. Show them how to make a pattern and have them try to make their own. Egg Carton Counting: (Counting) Read more [...]


by heather
A few months ago my SIL introduced me to a site called Postcrossing. It's website that you join for free, the only costs involved are the postcards and the postage. After you register you are given a random person somewhere in the world to mail a postcard to. After your first 'sent' postcard is received, your name goes into the pool of random people to receive a postcard from someone else in the world. When you are given a postcard recipient, their profile will often tell a little bit about them Read more [...]

Teaching Your Child the Alphabet

by heather
Last week I attended a parent meeting for my son's preschool. The topic was on reinforcing the alphabet, because repetition at home leads to retention. I thought I would share some of the suggestions and activities that they shared, plus a few others that I have found effective. Helping Your Child to Learn Make it fun. Be enthusiastic. If they're having fun they won't notice that they're learning. Be creative. Learning can be very cheap. It's not about the money you spend on your child, Read more [...]

Book Review: How Children Learn

by heather
How Children Learn by John Holt was recommended to me by my husband, a former school teacher.The author, was originally a math and french teacher, but after spending a lot time studying children and education and writing a couple of books went on contribute a great deal to the home school movement. Between reading this and How Children Fail, homeschooling is something that I am contemplating. And if nothing else I will very closely monitor what and how my children are learning.  I strongly recommend Read more [...]

Book Review: How Children Fail

by heather
As my husband is a teacher by trade, he has read several books on children and education that he recommended I read. One of these is How Children Fail by John Holt. I found it to be profound and fascinating and recommend it to anyone who cares about what their children learn or education. (Plus at under 200 pages, it's a quick read.) John Holt was a teacher and this book is a collection of memos that he shared with other teachers and his administration. His memos were based on observations in teaching Read more [...]

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