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Spring Gardening in St George- from Utah State University

by heather
Last week at church there was a pile of handouts about spring gardening in St George. The information comes from the Washington County extension of Utah State University. It seems like great info, but the last thing that I need is another piece of paper to get lost on my kitchen counter. So I thought I would share it here and recycle the hard copy.Spring Gardening in St. GeorgeBy Rick Heflebower, Washington County Horticulture AgentVegetable gardening in Washington County can be rewarding and successful. Read more [...]

Food Storage Presentation in St George

by heather
Hey friends, readers and food storage junkies- particularly those who live locally, listen up.Tomorrow my friend, Liesa Card (author of I Dare You to Eat It) will be breezing through town and has volunteered to give a  presentation on food storage. She has great ideas on getting your family to actually eat food storage and has many great stories about how food storage can bless your life.When: 7 pm MST January 20, 2011Where: 124 N Valley View Drive St George, UTLight refreshments will be served. Read more [...]

Favorite Places to Visit in St George Part 2: Creative Minds Learning Center

by heather
I love taking my kids to children's museums and hands-on discovery centers. We've been to several around the country and have been kind of sad that there is nothing like that in St George. Well, not anymore! Just this August a new learning center opened in St George. We checked it out last week and we will definitely be going back.  Creative Minds Learning Center has several imaginative play areas based on local businesses including Lin's Grocery, Staheli Farms, Tuachan Ampitheater, Sunrise Read more [...]

Quest to Save the Planet: Backyard Composting

by heather
So here I am in my little corner of the world, trying to make it a better place, and I have started composting. Here are reasons I think that the average person should compost.Composting reduces waste.  It's good for the planet. Food waste and yard trimmings currently make up 23% of waste in the US. Wouldn't that be great if we could easily reduced the number of landfills by 1/4?Composting returns micro-nutrients from food waste to the soil to help plants grow.Composting can reduce diseases Read more [...]

Favorite Places to Visit in St George Part 1: Pioneer Park

by heather
I love living in St. George. It is beautiful and the weather is actually rather pleasant for nine months out of the year. However, as with many small communities, a little investigating must be done to find things to do with the kids, so here I'll share some my family's favorites and any available discounts that I have found.Pioneer Park- Red Hills Parkway-No admission chargePioneer Park is a must-see for anyone new to St. George. It provides a fantastic view of the city of St George, and parts of Read more [...]

Happy Birthday to Me! I hate you DMV

by heather
I am writing this in hopes that it will save someone else in the state of Utah a lot of wasted time and frustration. This morning my eyes popped open and I thought "Oh blast, it's my birthday and I need to renew my driver's license!" So I got up, got dressed and looked quickly online. Nope, you can't renew online in the state of Utah. (Lame, my husband didn't go through any of this when he renewed a few years ago. He didn't pay or do anything. They just sent him a renewal sticker in the mail. But Read more [...]

Coupon Books Review

by heather
I used to be of the opinion that I do not spend money on coupons. Coupons are to save me money. I have since learned that purchasing the right coupons can save me a lot of money. Here's the pros and cons of the coupon books that I have purchased.St George Treasure Chest- $45 Coupon value used- $265 (Plus I gave away a couple hundred dollars worth of coupons to friends, neighbors and random strangers.) One day someone called my house and asked if I wanted to buy this coupon book as part of a fundraiser Read more [...]

Where and How I Do My Grocery Shopping

by heather
Recently a friend asked me where I do my grocery shopping, so here's the breakdown. (Note many of these tips are only helpful for locals, but many of the tips apply across the board.)I check out Pinching Your Pennies and their printable shopping lists. I never print their lists, but I look at them for good deals on things I may want to purchase and the corresponding coupons are listed there for me.Make a menu plan. I base my meals on what I already have, what's on sale and whatever my experiment Read more [...]

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