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What I’ve Been Up To: December 2013

by heather
What I have been up to: We had a blizzard. One co-worker said that she has lived here for 22 years and she has never seen a snow storm like that in St George. And not only did we get a snow storm, but the snow stuck around for more than a week. (In fact we still have some in patches in our yard weeks later.) Totally weird for St. George. But the kids enjoyed snow fights and building snow men. I got my neighbor gifts AND my Christmas cards out before Christmas. Wahoo!  (Well, most of them.) Read more [...]

Most Successful Toys at Our House

by heather
Last week a friend asked about a toy that my son was playing with. It got me thinking about the toys that have been most successful at our house. To me successful toys are the ones that we have gotten our money's worth from, that our kids don't seem to tire of, don't have any tiny pieces that get lost or broken like Littlest Pet Shops, were reasonably priced (I have never spent more than $50 on any single toy) and don't make my life more difficult in some way or another like Playdough.  It seemed Read more [...]

Reader Tips on Getting Ready for Christmas

by heather
And here are some of the great tips that people listed on how to get ahead on Christmas:Family History gift- time consuming, but valuable and they're doable if you spread the work out over a yearThe Target Clearance Sale- unadvertised and happens in January and JulyMake presents, start looking for ideas in September and start the making in October/NovemberBuy one of those key locked large rubbermaid storage chests with three shelves. Buy things for each child,  wrap it and sit it on their Read more [...]


by heather
Have you guys heard of or seen CityDeals before? It's kind of like Groupon in that you can get a really great discount, but instead have a 24 hour window to snag the deal, there are just a limited number of each deal to snag. I have seen discounts upwards of 80%. There are deals on restaurants, recreational activities, services, spas and more. Sometimes you snag multiples of the deal and other times they are limited to one per person. There are a whole range of deals, many for places to that are Read more [...]

Getting Ready for Christmas & October Giveaway

by heather
Yes, yes I know it is not even Halloween yet. However my kids' birthdays are in November and December and if I don't start planning for the holidays way in advance, the holidays aren't fun. They're busy, stressful and more expensive.  Here are some of the things that I've been stowing away over the past few months:a couple Littlest Pet Shops from Target (used a B1G1 coupon combined with a sale) eight books (including some activity books) gathered from various sales (I generally only spend Read more [...]

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