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Food Storage Friday: Powdered Milk

by heather
First I must say I that I am pretty picky about my milk. I only drink skim milk and I only drink it from certain stores. So the thought of drinking reconstituted non-fat dry powdered milk <shudder>, not going to happen, it smells too weird to me. However, I feel that storing powdered milk is an important part of emergency preparedness, so I store it, and I even use and rotate it. I try to consistently have some made up in my fridge and use it in recipes that involve cooking milk. I generally Read more [...]

Product Review: CSN Grain and Nut Grinder

by heather
 Recently CSN Store contacted me to do a product review. They provide a gift certificate, I choose an item and review it here on my blog. And being the food storage nerd that I am I chose a hand-cranked  Universal Grain, Corn and Nut Mill. I am fully aware that an electric one is faster, but I want to have both in the event that there's a power outage/ shortage.Picture from CSN Store site As for the shopping process, I wished there was a product description or review. I realize that Read more [...]

Preparedness Wednesday: March in Review

by heather
Doing:Hung energy efficient curtains in front of the biggest window in my house (Saved $21 using coupons at Bed Bath and Beyond)Planted a gardenPlanted a pomegranate tree Fixed one toilet so it didn't take literally hours to fill with water after flushingSorted through and packed up clothes that are too small for Thing 1 and Thing 2Worked a couple extra shifts to put money into savings (or car repairs)Food Storage:24 boxes of Annie's pasta and cheese in various varieties (49 cents each)-Smiths6 packages Read more [...]

Preparedness Wednesday: February in Review

by heather
Doing:Have garbage disposal replaced (Not one I was planning on, but it had to be done.)Had our locks replaced (Again, not planning, but one morning we woke up and our front door lock was broken in locked position.)Lots of car repairs and maintenance.Emergency Supply:#10 can dried green and red peppers- about $10 @ Walmart#10 can cream of chicken soup mix- about $13 @ WalmartA few more cans of Hormel Chili- because I found another coupon to make them 29 cents each @ Smith's4 liters extra virgin olive Read more [...]

Preparedness Wednesday: January in Review

by heather
 So originally my plan was to every Wednesday blog about what I am doing to get my house in order and build my food storage. Then I decided that it's just not interesting enough to merit four blog posts per month. Maybe one blog post per month. So here's what I did in January:Doing:Worked an extra shift to have money to put towards debtTook inventoryRead Prophetic Statements on Food Storage for Latter-Day SaintsRead Emergency Food Storage and Survival Book (We were out of town multiple times, Read more [...]

Book Review: Emergency Food Storage and Survival Book

by heather
Because I have this thing with food storage, my husband got me the Emergency Food Storage & Survival Handbook: Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Family Safe in a Crisis by Peggy Layton for Christmas. In it she provides a list of what your family would need to survive for a year if their were a crisis and grocery store were not available, this includes food, cooking equipment, medical supplies and gardening needs. She also gives many helpful tips on the logistics of food storage, including Read more [...]

Book Review: Prophetic Statements on Food Storage for Latter-day Saints

by heather
Prophetic Statements on Food Storage for Latter-day Saints by Neil H. Leash was  recommended to me by a co-worker. I believe that food storage is a good idea whether you are of my faith or not. It just makes sense. Food storage is insurance against whatever life has in store. There is not a crisis I can think of that can't be made a little less stressful by being prepared and having some food and money set aside. The world we live in has many dangers and uncertainties, but if we are prepared Read more [...]

Preparedness Wednesday: Costco and Inventory

by heather
Last weekend when I was at Costco I picked up a food storage items. I got a 45 lb bucket of Lehi Roller Mills white wheat for $12.99 (at 29 cents per pound that is the cheapest that I have EVER seen it), a 3 lb bag of Craisins (there's a $3 off coupon at the front of the store that's good until 1/24/11) for $3.99 and a 5 quart bottle of vegetable oil for $6.29. I read of a man who lived in Germany after WWII, and he said that vegetable oil was the most valuable food item. With it one could acquire Read more [...]

Preparedness Wednesday: Emergency First Aid Supplies

by heather
Recently I have been reading a couple of books about food storage and emergency preparedness (which I will discuss in more detail later). Throughout my reading I have decided that each week I am going to a) purchase something that makes me more prepared and b) do something to help put my house in order. (This week  the doing is working an extra shift, which monies will go toward debt, but the purchasing is more interesting.)  I put together a collection of first aid supplies based on what Read more [...]

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