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What I’ve Been Up To: December 2013

by heather
What I have been up to: We had a blizzard. One co-worker said that she has lived here for 22 years and she has never seen a snow storm like that in St George. And not only did we get a snow storm, but the snow stuck around for more than a week. (In fact we still have some in patches in our yard weeks later.) Totally weird for St. George. But the kids enjoyed snow fights and building snow men. I got my neighbor gifts AND my Christmas cards out before Christmas. Wahoo!  (Well, most of them.) Read more [...]

What I’ve Been Up to: November

by heather
What I've been up to: Thing 1 had a birthday. If you live in the St. George area, the Sand Hollow Aquatic Center is the best deal for you birthday party money. $65 gets you an hour and a half of swimming for 12 kids, plus a hot snack bar item, a drink, a balloon and a party favor for each child. The kids get some healthy activity and I don't have to worry about all of the stress that comes with hosting a children's party at my house. (You do however have to book at least 2 weeks in advance.) Respiratory Read more [...]

Birthday Freebies

by heather

Today is my birthday. Instead of writing a more elaborate blog post I am going to a work meeting and spending the rest of the day playing with my kids, followed by dinner with them and the man I love.

Of more interest to my readers is a list that I found on Freebies to Deals that lists tons of free stuff you can get for your birthday. Enjoy!

Dinosaur Birthday Cake

by heather
So Thing 2's birthday was awhile ago and I decided on a dinosaur birthday cake. (Mostly because this cake only required one cake mix, and I was not interested in my family of four eating birthday cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week.) And my son who usually does not eat cake was so excited that it was shaped like a dinosaur, that he actually ate some.First you bake the cake of your desired flavor in two 8" round pans.I used basic yellow. After the cakes have cooled, cut them as shown below.Discard Read more [...]

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