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Everyday Home Storage

by heather
As I have mentioned before I'm a Mormon, and we Mormon's have a magazine called the Ensign. The primary purpose of the Ensign is to strengthen our testimonies of  Jesus Christ and the gospel. However, sometimes there are articles that make me want to shout "Yes! This is for everybody." Not that the gospel is not for everybody. It is for everybody who is willing to accept it. Things that are just good advise. This was one of those articles. The author Emily Jamison, and her husband decided that Read more [...]

Helping Without Hovering: Five ways to help your children become indendent

by heather
I recently read at article by Mark D. Ogletree that I applies to me now, but I also want to be reminded of it later, so I am making note of it here. Being a good parent is difficult. Life can be harsh and we have a natural inclination well most of us anyway to want to shield them from some of that harshness. There is a balance between guiding and protecting and being a helicopter parent. This article gives five suggestions to consider as we try to find that balance. Look for opportunities to Read more [...]

Ideas from Parents April 2011

by heather
5 Easy Ways to Go Green (And get your kids involved too)Pre-cycle- Consider the product and it's container before you purchase it. Does it really need that much packaging? Can you reuse the container?Bring Your Own Bag- Make your kids the "bag police", and have them remind you to bring your reusable bag with you when you go to the store.Conserve Water- Have each person use one water glass per day and mark it in some way.  (The author used decorated clothes pins.) Fewer half glasses of water Read more [...]

The Importance of Straight Teeth

by heather
As I may I have mentioned before, I am somewhat of a hoarder. I have stacks of magazines and newspaper articles that are piling up, because at some point I want to refer back to them or there is some recipe that I want to try. I have made a new resolve to sort through these piles, put the useful info on my blog every Thursday and recycle the rest. Today's article, Straight to the point-Why straight teeth are so important was written by Dr. Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling, an orthodontist in New York and Read more [...]

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