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St George Children’s Museum

by heather
It's finally open! The long-awaited and greatly anticipated St George Children's Museum! It's even more awesome than I expected. And it's FREE! Hours are Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm, Mondays are open to members only. "As a gift to the community, there will be no charge for entrance to the Children’s Museum at the present time. Donations are accepted and are vital to keep the museum running and open to every member of our community. Please don’t feel obligated, but even small donations are appreciated." Read more [...]

Teaching Your Child the Alphabet

by heather
Last week I attended a parent meeting for my son's preschool. The topic was on reinforcing the alphabet, because repetition at home leads to retention. I thought I would share some of the suggestions and activities that they shared, plus a few others that I have found effective. Helping Your Child to Learn Make it fun. Be enthusiastic. If they're having fun they won't notice that they're learning. Be creative. Learning can be very cheap. It's not about the money you spend on your child, Read more [...]

Fan Tent and Pillow Pit

by heather
This week I haven't made any breakthroughs in food storage consumption. I haven't read any life changing books and I still haven't found a magic wand that keeps my house clean and makes gold coins appear out of thin air. I've just been running and being mom. One fun thing we did this week on a rainy afternoon was set up a tent and pillow pit in our living room. It was pretty awesome if I do say so myself which I can because it wasn't even my idea, it was my husband's. Equipment required for the Read more [...]

Clark Planetarium and Giveaway

by heather
While we were visiting the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum, we also stopped by the Clark Planetarium. Admission to the Planetarium itself, is free for all ages. The Planetarium includes 19 interactive exhibits and depending on how curious your children are you can probably get through them in 45 minutes to an hour. The exhibits include playing with prisms and light, learning about the solar system, how much you would weigh on another planet, telescopes, meteorites, pendulums and powering light Read more [...]

Free Family Friendly Activities in Utah-Summer 2011

by heather
While I was in northern Utah recently I discovered a few events that I would be likely to attend if I didn't live a solid 4 hours away. But I am certain that this information will be helpful to someone out there who reads my blog, right? Also, the more research I did on this, the more I realized I can't fit it all into one blogpost. Expect more to come. Free Community Concerts- Utah Symphony July 6- 7:30 pm @ Abravanel Hall July 11- 8:30 pm @ Utah Cultural Celebration Center July 13- 8 pm @ Sandy Read more [...]

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