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What I’ve been up to- February 2013

by heather
I had a minor cold that lingered all month. Blegh. I started exercising a little more consistently. I haven't really exercised since before Christmas. My husband inherited some money. We were able to pay for the bathroom remodel and say goodbye to our student loans. Wahoo! Also I have to say it is super fantastic to have two fully functional bathrooms again. I bought a case of tomatoes and canned salsa I also canned tomato sauce. For Valentine's I made a Cheddar/Gouda Fondue. I roasted Read more [...]

Food Storage Friday: Easy Home Canned Applesauce

by heather
Awhile ago when looking at the Bountiful Basket (the local produce co-op) options, I saw that they had a 32 lb case of Granny Smith apples for $25. I couldn't pass that up. I made 12 quarts of pie filling and applesauce, oh baby. Then I realized that I have yet to blog about making applesauce. I do apologize for this, I'm not sure how I missed it, because it is Thing 1's favourite thing that I can. And it's pretty easy. I make my crock pot do most of the work, resulting in my house smelling AWESOME Read more [...]

Food Storage Friday: Home Canned Pineapple

by heather
Yesterday I went to visit my neighbor. On her counter she had home-canned pineapple. Wow, what a brilliant idea. Why is it that it never occurred to me? Apparently it's even easier than I suspected. She told me to go home and get my case of pineapple and we would do it right then. (We had both bought a case of pineapple from the Bountiful Basket last week.) 1. Assemble all tools (canner, canning tools, knife, sterilized jars, lids and rings) and ingredients (pineapple and granulated sugar).  Read more [...]

Food Storage Friday: Home Canned Peaches

by heather
Growing up, I canned peaches with my mom almost every year, and for me there is something magical about home canned peaches. They bring back so many memories of my mom and both of my grandmothers. Not to mention that they are delicious. They can bring a taste of summer to a fall or winter afternoon and they are one of the few foods that my picky eaters will always eat. This was the first time that I did it on my own. I pulled out Canning & Preserving as a reference, before deciding that although Read more [...]

Food Storage Friday: Plum Sauce

by heather
 Several weeks ago we found ourselves with a surplus of plums from our Bountiful Basket. I remember when I was growing up my mom and grandmothers canned plums and I thought that they were gross. But I decided that there had to be something delicious that I could do with these. The answer: Asian Plum Sauce.  Now this recipe itself calls for both fresh and food storage ingredients, but the real beauty of it is that once prepared it makes preparing quick and healthy meals  with food storage Read more [...]

Homemade Salsa Revisited

by heather
You may have noticed that my posts have been a little more sporadic lately. I'm still here, still buying and using food storage, still trying to do my small part to make the world a better place. Having a third child has sucked away all of my free time, even if she is my easiest baby yet. And in addition to sucking away my time and energy, she has also sucked away all of my pregnancy weight, so it's not all bad. So believe me I still have plenty more to say, I just don't have as much time to do Read more [...]

What I did with a case of peaches

by heather
Recently I got a good deal on a case of peaches from Bountiful Baskets. They were the Rich Lady variety and peeled very easily which was nice. Here's what I did with them: 1. Ate lots and lots of them fresh (as did the rest of my family) :D 2. Blended them into smoothies 3. Made Peach Melba Waffle syrup. I got it into my head that this would taste good and looked everywhere for a recipe, unsuccessfully. So I made one up. Peach Melba Waffle Syrup 10 cups pureed peaches (peeled and de-stoned) 1 Read more [...]

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