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More on the Nestlé Boycott

by heather
On the Baby Milk Action site there are links to images you can put on your blog saying that you support the  Nestlé Boycott. Yesterday I sent a quick message to them letting them know that I supported them and had blogged about the issue. It was an automated thing and I wasn't expecting an answer. This morning I found a nice email response that I thought I would share. It explains further how 1- Nestlé is responding to their side of the story and 2- boycotting is effective: "Dear Heather, Thanks Read more [...]

The Power of Just One Mom: Why You Can Make a Difference

by heather
Recently a Facebook friend posted a link about the Nestle boycott. Nine years ago when I did my study abroad experience as a nursing student in a maternity hospital in Argentina I had heard that in years previous Nestle had given out free samples of formula to patients in the public hospital. Due to poor education (or lack thereof) and limited resources, mothers would water down the formula which led to infant malnutrition. Because of the natural physiologic response of supply and demand these mothers Read more [...]

What to Eat When Your Infant Has Reflux

by heather
What can you eat as a breast-feeding mom with a baby with reflux? When we were in the worst period (for us it was 2 to almost 5 months) of my baby's reflux, in addition to increasing medications I was very careful about what I ate. (Keep in mind the list of things that can aggravate reflux)  Occasionally I would snap because I was so hungry I was going insane and I would eat a brownie or a bowl of ice cream. I would always regret it because it made my poor baby so miserable. And no, pumping a Read more [...]

My Baby’s Experience with Acid Reflux

by heather
As a pediatric nurse and a mother, I had heard other moms talk about having babies with reflux, but I had no comprehension of the misery until I experienced it myself, or rather watched my baby experience it. I am just now finally getting around to writing about the experience over a year later because it was just that traumatic, and thinking about what we went through makes me depressed. However, it is my hope that someone out there will benefit from my account and their experience will be a little Read more [...]

Natural Solution for Clogged Tearducts in Infants

by heather
 When Thing 1 and Thing 2 were infants they had clogged tear ducts. They almost constantly produced these really thick tears that would dry and leave their eyes crusted together. I squeezed their tear ducts with a q-tip, just like my pediatrician showed me, but it didn't seem to help much. It finally resolved itself when they were each around 6 months old. When I took Cindy Lou Who in for her first checkup, she was starting to develop the same problem. Now keep in mind, my pediatrician Read more [...]

Breast Feeding vs. Infant Formula

by heather
  Whether you choose to breast-feed your infant or not, is a very personal decision. When I first started working on a Postpartum unit the lactation specialist gave me a list of 101 reasons why women should breast-feed. Most of them were completely ridiculous and several of them were listed two or three times. You have to choose what will work for you, your baby and your situation. I don't believe that you should let anyone try to convince you to do anything that you're not comfortable Read more [...]

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