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What to Eat When Your Infant Has Reflux

by heather
What can you eat as a breast-feeding mom with a baby with reflux? When we were in the worst period (for us it was 2 to almost 5 months) of my baby's reflux, in addition to increasing medications I was very careful about what I ate. (Keep in mind the list of things that can aggravate reflux)  Occasionally I would snap because I was so hungry I was going insane and I would eat a brownie or a bowl of ice cream. I would always regret it because it made my poor baby so miserable. And no, pumping a Read more [...]

A Few Tricks for Healthy & Delicious Waffles

by heather
We love waffles. It's one of the few things that everyone here eats and doesn't bother my breast-feeding infant with reflux, plus it's a quick, easy and low-cost meal. Here are a few tips that I have found to make them healthier and tastier.Add a heaping tablespoon of ground flax seed to the batter. It help you get your Omega-3's, some extra fiber and protein and you can't taste it. I also throw a tablespoon of wheat germ into the batter for extra Vitamin E and fiber and no one can taste that either.Substituting Read more [...]

Easy Dairy-Free Ice Cream

by heather
Ice cream is a big comfort food for me, and unfortunately with baby's reflux I can't have it. My husband who loves me found a recipe for dairy free ice cream on the internet. Then I improved it. I have to say this stuff is pretty darn good. It doesn't give you the "full" feeling that a bowl of ice cream and chocolate give you, but it sure tastes like ice cream, which is good enough for me. It is also significantly better for you than regular ice cream, but you do have to plan for it at least a few Read more [...]

Food Storage Friday: Raspberry and Spinach Pasta Salad

by heather
I created this recipe with my extremely limiting dietary restrictions in mind using things I happened to have in my fridge and pantry. So if you aren't married to a vegetarian and you aren't breast-feeding an infant with  severe reflux, feel free to add some grilled chicken strips, mandarin oranges, feta cheese and/or chopped kiwi fruits. I actually can have kiwi, I'm just out.  You can serve it as a side (I had mine with grilled fish) or eat it as a light meal. Whatever floats your boat. Raspberry Read more [...]

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