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What I’ve Been Up to: August

by heather
What I've Been  Up To: (Besides Moving and Homework) Hiked Kanarra Falls with my family. I think this was my favorite activity of the summer. When I get around to it, this deserves its own blog post, Hiked Kolob Canyon with friends and our kids. Southern Utah has so many beautiful views. I'm definitely going to miss it. Hiked the Tuachan Saddle with friends. I sure am going to miss my hiking friends as well as the red rock mountains and trails. My kids started school. Visited Read more [...]

What I’ve Been Up to: January

by heather
What I've Been Up To: Girl Scout Cookie Season! Taking Thing 1 around to the neighbor selling her cookies. If you are in the St George area and want cookies, shoot me an email and we can bring her order form by. Orders have to be in by Feb 10, cookies are delivered the beginning of March. I signed up for 2 grad school classes, but was waitlisted #10 & #17, last semester I was waitlisted #6 for a class and didn't get in. So I gave up hope of going to school this semester so I started making Read more [...]

What I’ve Been Up To: July 2013

by heather
What I’ve been doing: Visited the Grand Canyon My toddler has decided that she wants to be potty-trained. No actual success yet. But everyday she takes a few minutes to sit on the potty. Baby steps... School shopping for my kids In an attempt to keep the kids busy I enrolled them in some day camps. Painting for Thing 1 and World Traveling for Thing 2. Found a great bedroom set for Thing 2 on KSL for $200. Organized and de-cluttered his room. Perhaps it will be easier to keep clean. Read more [...]

First Marathon

by heather
Last weekend my husband and I ran our first marathon, the St George Marathon to be exact. It was perfect weather with great scenery, the best company and I loved it from start to finish.  It was so exciting to finally be running a marathon. When people found out that I was training for the marathon I would consistently get one of three reactions: a) "There is no way that I could ever do that.", b) "Wow, you're crazy." or c) "Wow, you are awesome." Reaction a) is false. I saw a physician that Read more [...]

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