Food Storage & Other Adventures in Motherhood

Sometimes Less Is More

by heather

Last weekend we were invited to a fair-well party for friends. And everyone was supposed to bring a dessert. Well, it was over ninety degrees and I was not motivated to bake. Nor was I motivated to drag my three children to the store to purchase something. And all of the packages of cookies in the pantry had been opened. I surveyed my kitchen and decided to bring a bowl of fruit. I cut up eight tangerines, one very ripe pineapple, added a couple of baskets worth of strawberries and arranged them in a large bowl. Part of me felt guilty and lazy that I didn’t make something nicer. I didn’t need to worry because my bowl of fruit was a hit. Many people were passing over cookies for chilled fresh fruit and commented that it was a good idea. Hooray! (Another good idea was the small cooler full of Popsicles brought by a neighbor.) Apparently my neighbors were less surprised about this than I was. One friend commented “I saw the bowl of fruit and knew that you must of brought it before I saw you, because you’re the one who would do something like that.” It works and my kids ate plenty of fruit, which equates to them eating fewer cookies :).

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