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Food Storage Friday: Easy Vegan Tacos

by heather

Over the past few months I’ve been watching lots of documentaries on Netflix while folding the laundry. I tend to pick shows that relate to food, healthcare or history. And from my watching I’ve become far more conscious about what I purchase. I’ve decided that maybe organic really does matter (although sometimes it is impossible to find certain organic items, the organic selection is limited in the desert). I’ve decided that a plant-based diet is really the way to go. When I don’t eat meat I feel much better. I don’t miss it nearly as much as I thought I would. Try going vegetarian for a week and see how you feel. (And I mean balanced vegetarian, not white carb smorgasbord.) I think it’s interesting how easily ‘regularly using your food storage’ and ‘being a vegetarian’ really mesh. If you are using wheat and beans regularly (with a mix of fresh vegetables) you can easily get all of the protein that you need. And these foods will cleanse your body of bad cholesterol and fatty deposits in your arteries instead of adding more to it. (Foods that come from animals contain cholesterol, plant based foods do not. In reality you don’t need to consume cholesterol because your body is capable of synthesizing all of the cholesterol that you need.) And of course, if you are used to eating these foods now, if you have to live off of them in an emergency it is not a traumatic transition. There are lots of fancy and expensive food storage products out there, freeze dried meat, blueberry cheesecake, etc. And while those things are nice to have, you don’t really need them. Beans, wheat, oats, pasta, rice and potatoes are what you need. Ok, I personally feel like potatoes are somewhat optional also. It’s just a low nutritional white carb. But it’s one that easy to store and convince the kids to eat. If you have these 6 basics and you know what to do with them, you will be ok. (Yes, beans will never taste like a good marinated & grilled petite sirloin, but you can get by without it.) You can get a year’s supply of these 6 basics without going into debt if you plan and purchase them as you can afford them. And if you rotate them and eat them you will be healthier, save money and decrease your carbon footprint too. Ok, I totally got on my soapbox there. I didn’t plan on that. But I’m not taking it back. I meant every word. And that’s one of the purposes of having a blog, so that I am able to stand up and tell people about the magic wheat and beans, right?

I originally found this recipe on my friend’s website I Dare You To Eat It. I made a couple changes and it has become a favorite at our house. It’s quick, easy, healthy and satisfying. To be strictly vegan that means no sour cream, ranch dressing or cheese. If you feel you must have these items, go ahead. But try one without. I felt like hot sauce and avocado hummus made up for the lack of dairy. And if you really feel like you can’t take the plunge into a meal without meat, follow Liesa’s cue and use half meat and half wheat. I did this for a long time before I considered being a vegetarian, because I prefer my tacos being less greasy and it saves money. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Vegan Tacos

Food Storage Ingredients:
4 cups cooked wheatberries (for instructions go here.)
2 cups refried beans
1 packet taco seasoning
hot sauce

Fresh Ingredients:
avocado & cilantro hummus (not essential, but well worth it, I love the stuff from Costco)
greens (spinach, cilantro, lettuce, whatever works for you)
tomatoes & avocados (optional, I didn’t use them, but if you want them go for it)

1. Heat up wheat berries with taco seasoning and 1/4 cup water. 2. Assemble tacos as desired and enjoy.

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