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Food Storage Friday: Sloppy Joes

by heather

There are a few variations on this recipe that involve food storage. You can mix up sloppy joe sauce from a dry mix packet with tomato paste and add half  cooked ground beef and half cooked wheat berries. If you are feeling ambitious you can make up your own sauce. My personal favorite is to mix a can of Manwich with some cooked wheat berries and slap it on a bun. Tada! Balanced vegetarian meal in under ten minutes. However you decide to do it, the point is putting cooked wheat berries in sloppy joes is an easy way to get your family used to eating food storage, plus it’s cheaper and healthier than ground beef. (If you are not used to eating cooked wheat berries, ease into this. Go for the half and half version.)

Sloppy Joes

Food Storage Ingredients:

3 cups cooked wheat berries
1 Tablespoon dried diced bell peppers (optional)
1 can (15.5 oz) Sloppy Joe sauce

Fresh Ingredients:

hamburger buns (I always try to get the kind that have at least 5 grams of fiber)

1. Heat up sauce, add peppers if desired. 2. When sauce has thickened slightly (and peppers are moistened), add wheat berries. 3. Serve on hamburger buns.

Notes: I once tried this with freshly cooked wheat and assumed that because the wheat was hot enough I didn’t even need to cook the sauce. It didn’t work as well. The sauce needs to be heated on the stove to thicken slightly.

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