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Home Remedy for Sunburns

by heather

A few weeks ago on a Sunday evening I discovered that my baby had sunburned legs from our walk. This made for a particularly cranky baby who loves to crawl and discover. We were at my in-law’s, so I didn’t have my own supplies but they did have tea bags. Super Grandma has recently become a tea drinker per her doctor’s orders. I had heard once that rubbing cold tea on a sunburn will make it go away, so I thought I would give it a shot. I soaked a tea bag in half a cup of steaming water and then cooled it. I then rubbed the tea bag all over Cindy Lou Who’s legs several times, dipping it back in the tea between rubbings. As it turns out, it worked like a charm. Before the tea bags her legs were bright red and tender, a few hours after her skin had returned to its natural color and she was as happy as ever. I used green tea, but I understand that it works with the standard black variety. It’s the tannic acid in the tea leaves that heals the burn and I discovered in my research that back in the 1920’s they used to treat severe burns with bandages soaked in tannic acid with improved results over earlier treatments.

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