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Organizing the DVD’s

by heather

Recently this cute little one has developed a new hobby. (Take note of the mischief in her eye.)

She likes to pull the DVDs off the movie shelf one at a time. She thinks it’s a great game to see how many she can get off the shelf before I stop her and put them back. So I decided it was time to re-think how I organize my movies and games. For a long time I’ve been resistant to putting them all in cd wallets because it makes it harder for small children to find what they are looking for and the cases just look nicer. but lately I’ve really trying to get rid of excess stuff. Cindy Lou Who just was reminding me that dvd cases are ‘excess stuff’.

In my shopping I decided to get DVD ‘books‘ instead of wallets. They’re slightly more, but they look a lot nicer. Then I purchased a standard DVD wallet for traveling where I put repeat movies. Hooray for the Blu-ray combo packs and all of those movies that decided to put the wide-screen and full-screen versions of a movie on separate discs. If you opt for the wallets, just be sure that you don’t get them too big. Their weight makes them more floppy and more likely to be destroyed by small children. It’s better to get a few more with smaller capacity than have them fall apart.

To make the books a little more ‘kid-friendly’, I cut out pieces of  the inserts (or in some instances the cases) and put them in each envelope slot. So movies get put back in alphabetical order and the kids can identify all of those discs that have no pictures, or even worse only tiny print.

It took quite awhile. For two days my living room looked like this:Plus my kitchen table was covered with stacks of DVD cases at the same time.  My children were flabbergasted that Mommy was making a mess, and a big one. But in the end I got more than 200 games and movies down to this:

One of the shelves I freed up is now housing the game controllers instead of having them scattered in front of the TV. I’m just thrilled to pieces that movies are no longer a weapon being used against me in the battle to keep the house clean.

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