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Road Rage for Charity

by heather

Not an actual picture of the event.

Yesterday my family and I were driving home from California through Las Vegas. And a very angry and inconsiderate driver nearly killed us. Thanks to my husband’s quick reflexes we were ok, but the experience was unsettling. As we continued on our way we discussed the matter. Road rage is a symbol of what wrong with many people today. It’s about people being selfish. It’s about people not caring about other people around them that they don’t know. It’s about people feeling that their existence is somehow more important than that of other people around them.

And unfortunately we can’t fix all the angry selfish people in the world. I can be courteous to people around me and I can teach my children to do the same, but there are still going to be a lot of jerks out there. So we decided that we’re going to try to turn this into something positive. For every time people are showing unprovoked anger towards us we’re going to donate money to Doctors Without Borders. $5 for honking or yelling, $10 for the finger and $20 for near death experiences. It probably won’t make driving through Las Vegas any safer, but we decided it will make us feel better. When people show that they don’t care about us, someone that they don’t know, instead of being angry we’re going to respond by caring about someone else that we don’t know. If you would also like to donate to Doctors Without Borders, you can do so here.

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