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Carpet Stain Remover

by heather

Last month we put our house up on the market. (We’ve tried to sell our house to move closer to family, but discovered we couldn’t really do it without taking at least $30,000 hit, and ‘supposedly’ we got a steal on our house. So after 5 weeks we took it off.) The day it was supposed to go up I awoke at 4:45 am to the sound of my son vomiting on the carpet. Oh, the horror.  Scrubbing it with Lysol was not doing the trick, so after passing out and waiting for a more reasonable hour, I borrowed my friend’s carpet cleaner. It’s so nice to have a friend who not only owns a professional carpet cleaner, but is also ok with me breaking into her house while she’s out of town to borrow it. I went over his room a few times and that took care of it. But I figured as long as I have the professional carpet cleaner and cleaning solution, I might as well clean all of the carpets again. As I moved furniture and stuff and just looked at my carpet more closely I noticed several small “mystery black marks” that were not yielding to the carpet cleaner. I have no idea how they got there. And I was all out of stain remover. I recalled my friend saying that when she cleaned carpets professionally in college, she used some foaming carpet stain remover that you can find in an aerosol can at the hardware store. Spray, scrub, fluff and then go over the spot with carpet cleaner. I honestly didn’t want to go out again. So I started experimenting with cleaning products until I found something that worked. Fortunately, I got lucky on my first try.

Glass cleaner + Dawn dish detergent

  1. Spray stubborn carpet stain with foaming action glass cleaner.
  2. Add one small drop of Dawn dish detergent
  3. Scrub stain vigorously
  4. Run over stain with carpet cleaner

I was amazed at how well this worked. I tried it on multiple carpet stains and it worked like a charm. (Sorry I didn’t take before and after pictures.) I received the glass cleaner as a free sample to review from Stanley Home Products. It does a good job of cleaning windows and mirrors leaving behind a streak-free shine, however the real magic is in the stain removal. If you are interested in more about Stanley Home Products, check out their Facebook or Twitter page.

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