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Fan Tent and Pillow Pit

by heather

This week I haven’t made any breakthroughs in food storage consumption. I haven’t read any life changing books and I still haven’t found a magic wand that keeps my house clean and makes gold coins appear out of thin air. I’ve just been running and being mom.

One fun thing we did this week on a rainy afternoon was set up a tent and pillow pit in our living room. It was pretty awesome if I do say so myself which I can because it wasn’t even my idea, it was my husband’s. Equipment required for the fan tent: couch, box fan and straight sheet. Equipment required for the pillow pit: couch, pillows and ottoman. All three of my kids were well-entertained, not jumping on the furniture and not whining while I made dinner. Everybody wins.

To make the fan tunnel, set a box fan in one corner of the couch. Tie one corner to the handle and tuck the edges in around the fan and the cushions, leaving an opening for an entrance. For the pillow pit we just filled the space between the couch and ottoman with the couch pillows and let them crawl through it.

The details will vary depending on your furniture, but it’s pretty simple. Fan + sheet + couch= fun. Enjoy.

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