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Trick for Hanging a Photo Collage

by heather

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a friend about what was going on in my house (redecorating the living room), and she gave me a fantastic tip for hanging a photo collage and making sure that what you picture in your head is what you see on the wall (Without measuring and leveling and putting a ton of holes in your wall).

1. Arrange your photo frames on the floor in your desired configuration. 2. Flip all frames directly over.3. Next spread long strips of wax paper over the frames, making sure that you are covering the frame hangers.

(Yeah I know I didn’t get that little one, I just eyeballed that one.)

4. Mark where your frame hangers are on the wax paper. (I know you can’t see it very well from the glare, but trust me, that’s what I did.)

5. Tape the wax paper to the wall and insert nails or hooks where your markings are.6. Hang frames, remove wax paper. Voila!


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