Food Storage & Other Adventures in Motherhood

by heather

Have you ever found yourself thinking ‘I do care about politics, but I have small children and I don’t have the time to research the candidates and their policies so that I can make an informed decision’? I know that I have. Politics is one of those things that I feel is important to be informed about and involved in, however when you are being a mom to small kids it kind of slides down the priority list. I recently found a solution (at least a partial solution)- On this free website you can take a simple quiz and once you finish it will tell you which presidential candidate you agree with the most. The creators have taken the time to compile the answers by searching through statements by each of the candidates.Your answers can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be. Then you can quickly and easily see which candidate shares your views on education, healthcare or whichever issues are really important to you.  If you have more time, they also have blogposts you can read about the candidates and their policies. I encourage you to take 10 minutes, give it a try and become a more informed voter.

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