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Food Storage Friday: Home Canned Pineapple

by heather

Yesterday I went to visit my neighbor. On her counter she had home-canned pineapple. Wow, what a brilliant idea. Why is it that it never occurred to me? Apparently it’s even easier than I suspected. She told me to go home and get my case of pineapple and we would do it right then. (We had both bought a case of pineapple from the Bountiful Basket last week.)

1. Assemble all tools (canner, canning tools, knife, sterilized jars, lids and rings) and ingredients (pineapple and granulated sugar).  8 medium sized pineapples yielded three quarts of fruit.

2. Prepare pineapple. Remove tops, bottoms, skins and ‘eyes’. Chop into chunks.

3. Wrap pineapple chunks in cheesecloth.

4. Boil cheesecloth bag in six quarts of water for 5 minutes. (This helps to tenderize the pineapple.)

6. Remove pineapple bag and put pineapple chunks in sterilized jars. Add 3-4 cups of sugar to remaining pineapple water and cook until sugar is dissolved. Pour pineapple syrup over chunks in jars, leaving 1/2″ head space. Wipe any sugar, syrup or fruit chunks off jar mouths before adding lids and rims.

7. Process jars in a boiling hot water bath for 30 minutes.

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