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My new favorite local business- Southern Utah Recycling

by heather

This week at toddler time, my neighbor told me about a new business that is really going to make my life easier. (And sorry for those who live outside of St. George, but I am willing to research the recycling options in the area of anyone who requests it.) It was one of my resolutions this year to be a little greener (and no I am not a tree-hugging, Gore-following hippie, but I hate to waste and I want the place I live to stay beautiful.) and when my neighbor mentioned this I was so excited I want to share.
 Southern Utah Recycling sells you a blue plastic Rubbermaid bin for $25. Then they pick up your recyclable items (glass, metals, cardboard, plastic and paper) in said blue bin weekly- free for the first year. After that if you want to continue the service it is $4 each month. (You can keep your bin if you move or discontinue the service.) Frankly with the hassle that recyling is now, it is worth it to me pay someone $4 to pick up and sort my recycle garbage. Some of the local grocery stores have recycling bins, but they have tiny openings and they don’t take cardboard. Half the time I’m chasing paper that the wind is blowing around as I’m trying to stuff it in the bin. And I’m all about supporting local family-run businesses when I can.

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