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by heather

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope that everyone had a great holiday season. Ours was good, but busy. (Except that part where my husband and I were sick and our kids were bouncing off the walls, that wasn’t so cool.) Here’s what I’ve been up to on my blogging break.

  • While I was feeling sick I sat down and scrapbooked all of 2012, all 160 pages of it. (I didn’t feel like I could do much more productive than sit at my computer at the time.) I used a program called Picaboo. I’ve been really happy with their products, and they frequently have coupon and deals. (Currently if you enter the code JANUARY40, you can get 40% off several products.) They have a very user-friendly program and I have made several beautiful “family yearbooks” with it. Everyone in the family enjoys looking at them.
  • Christmas was awesome. Simple and awesome. It was the first time we’ve had Christmas without extended family. I decided that this year each of my kids would get one toy, pajamas, a book, a blanket and a stocking from us, plus they had picked out smaller toys to exchange with their siblings. For once I felt like I hadn’t gone overboard with the presents and each of the kids were thrilled with what they got. Fewer toys to add to the clutter, fewer charges on the credit card and everybody wins. And we opened Christmas presents at 8:30 am, instead of 5 am or some other more exhausting hour.
  • I became a certified trauma nurse. The class was an unexpected opportunity,  and I learned a lot, but it was kind of hectic spending the better part of three days on it right before Christmas.
  • Thing 2 turned 5. How is it that my little guy has gotten so big?
  • Respiratory season is in full swing, and dang it’s a bad one this year. Keep your kids away from other sick kids and make sure that everyone washes their hands and gets enough fluids, sleep and vitamin C! With our unit going crazy, I’ve picked up a few extra shifts. (Meaning I can pay off some recent medical bills and take another chunk out of student loans. Yay! Also I paid a maid to come and clean my house for a couple hours. It was so worth it. When I spend extra time at work, many things get left undone at home.)
  • I became a Young Women’s leader. Exciting and a little intimidating at the same time. The other women I work with are awesome, so I know that we’re going to have fun, and hopefully give our young girls some  good guidance as well.
  • We refinanced our house. It only took four months from start to finish. :S But now we have a fantastic interest rate and we’ll save $180 each month on our mortgage. One step closer to being debt free!
  • I found a deal on a central vac system that I couldn’t pass up. We got it used from a friend who was moving and total, it cost less to have it installed than to get a Dyson. Our old vacuum just wasn’t sucking as much as I would like it to suck.  Now it’s a little easier to keep my house clean. Yes!
  • We spent one weekend visiting family (and left the kids with Grandma while we went to see Les Miserables).

I hope that all of you had a great holiday season and 2013 is starting out well for you.


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