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Getting Paint Out of the Carpet

by heather

See this face?

This face is the sweetness and mischief. Anyone who has a toddler or who hasn’t blocked this period of time from their memory knows what I am talking about. Sunday evening I was talking to my sister (almost 14) about what I’ve been up to. I was afraid she was going to wet her self she was laughing so hard. And what have I been up to? Oh, just cleaning up one disaster after another. Once upon a time I was very productive every day. Now I consider myself victorious if my house is as clean as it was the day before. If she’s not shredding toilet paper, she’s shredding wipes or paper towels or napkins. Then she spreads them about my house like Christmas cheer for everyone to enjoy. On an almost daily basis she gets into Thing 2’s drawers and strings superhero briefs on her arm like they are so many pretty bracelets. As I was explaining this to my sister, Miss Stinker Bell climbed up on the counter and got the *child-proof* lid off the children’s night time cough medicine. Ohhh, no. My sister laughs now, but someday she will be the one with a toddler and it will be my turn to laugh.

After being deterred from the wipes and the cough medicine she went into my closet and found the craft paint. She picked out a nice bright blue bottle, pulled off the lid and proceeded to decorate herself and the carpet. We’re talking half a bottle of paint. While my husband bathed the culprit I attacked the paint while it was still wet. I used a little bit of Dawn dish detergent (didn’t want to run out and buy stain remover) and scrubbed the carpet until my hand, wrist and arm were sore. It looked better, but still needed serious help.

Trying to make a getaway

Before scrubbing the carpet:

When we were done bathing her it looked like we had slaughtered a Smurf in our tub.

I meant to get back to the spot on the carpet, but honestly I didn’t have time until Tuesday afternoon. I ran over it with my neighbor’s carpet cleaner a few times. Then I poured a quart of hot water on it, folded an old towel on it and danced on it until the towel had absorbed most of the water. I went over it with the carpet cleaner to suck up the excess water. Then I poured another quart of hot water and repeated my dance. I can not verify or refute if dancing on the spot actually aids in stain removal, but if you want to follow my methods I danced to punk rock songs from the 90’s. These were my results.

I promise this is the same square of carpet.

There are some faint blue spots you can see with the flash, but you can’t see the blue on the carpet unless you are looking for it, and you have to get really close. Good enough for now. Replacing the carpet is on the to-do list.

Tips for getting wet paint out of the carpet:

  1. Blot the excess wet paint out with a cloth.
  2. Spray with a stain remover, Dawn or a solution of detergent & water. Scrub and soak the stain. The sooner you do this the better.
  3. Wash the area with clean water, cover with a folded towel to absorb the water. Run over with a vacuum to help dry the carpet. You may need to repeat these steps.

Tips for getting dry paint out of carpet:

  1. Depending on the carpet, you may be able to scrape it off with a razor blade.
  2. Use a carpet cleaner.
  3. Saturate the carpet with water, scrub the carpet with cleaner and remove the water.
  4. Repeat with carpet cleaner.

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