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What I’ve Been Up To- January 2013

by heather
  • I paid off the last of our credit card debt. Now we only have the car, the mortgage and student loans. Wahoo!

    Go Fish

  • Three days later I found a small drip in our basement. We called a plumber. The problem isn’t our pipes. Apparently there’s a problem with the shower pan in our master bath, so it’s been leaking through the floor, which is now soaked. We need to have our entire shower ripped out, the floor replaced and everything put back together. Awesome.  And on the bright side our home-owner’s insurance will cover part of it. Otherwise we’d be looking at ~$5K for repairs.
  • Everyone in our house got the flu, and not the strain covered by this year’s vaccine. My kids missed a solid week of school.
  • I’ve been working on organizing my pantry. It is awesome and it’s going to get even more awesome when I’m done.
  • I used coupons & sales to get more than a year’s worth of Finish Dish Tabs for $26. I also hit some sales and stocked up on my family’s favorite cereals.
  • I started a running blog with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law. Running In the Fab Lane Because we like running and we thought it would be something fun to do together.
  • I made another scrapbook of my kids because I love their faces so much!
  • I found a new vegan blog that I just might be in love with. Roxanne’s Natural Kitchen We made her creamy kale and quinoa casserole. It tastes like comfort food! So yummy and super healthy.
  • I took care of my first sexual trauma patient and it was a baby. It deeply upset me. I was an emotional mess for days.

Things I’ve been reading/watching/listening to (mostly while cleaning my house):

  • Mormon Mental Health Issues– The Top 11 Issues that Mormons bring up in therapy (most of them are issues that I think most people bring up in therapy). This was a really interesting 3-part interview (podcast) with ‘The Mormon Therapist’. I highly recommend it.
  • What to do when your husband loses his testimony– In this podcast one LDS woman talks about how she dealt with her husband leaving the Church. I didn’t agree with several things that she said, but I thought that her thoughts on eternal marriage were really beautiful.
  • John Dehlin and Faith Reconstruction– John Dehlin (the guy behind Mormon Stories) talks about leaving and coming back to the LDS Church (and various other experiences related to running the podcast.)
  • The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization– I like to watch PBS documentaries while I fold the laundry. I really enjoyed this and wished it was longer. I thought there were some interesting parallels between ancient Greece and the modern United States. Particularly taking on a battle to save another nation and increase their own glory proved to be disastrous (The Battle of Sicily). The Greeks weren’t very receptive (at first) of critical thinking (Socrates).
  • A Linguist Looks at Mormonism: Notes on Linguistic Problems in Mormonism Interesting (concerning?) take on linguistics in the Book of Mormon. This was the linch pin that made my husband decide to leave the Church.
  • My husband and I have decided to start reading books out-loud together. (After the kids are in bed and the dishes are done we snuggle and read together. Pretty much my favorite thing ever.) Currently we’re working on The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark by Carl Sagan. It’s about how people often attribute unexplained things to ‘aliens’, ‘demons’ and pseudoscience. Carl Sagan encourages people to think critically and rationally. So far so good.

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